Floral mules and loafers

Is it too late to love these flat babies?

EGO Cheska Floral Embroidered Flat Mule

Credit: EGO

I have soften up on floral fashion ever since I got pregnant. First was that ZARA’s Poplin’s shirt worn by Dina, and now that Gucci Princetown leather slippers. Instead of crying my poor self to sleep, I was determined to find similar mule. I found an inspired alternative from EGO. So brought them in black and nude with no regret. Currently, these floral mules are on sale for £9.99 each on their site! Do take note that these flats run small, so choose one size bigger than your actual.

ZARA Frayed Loafers

Credit: Zara

Have you seen ZARA latest shoes collection? This frayed loafers are to die for. This is next on my list. Pair this for a workday outfit would complete my monochrome wardrobe.

How to rock a mule or loafers?

Mules and loafers does have that masculine yet chic vibe. So, pair it with a culottes or throw in an abaya and you’re done.

Credit: Career Girl Daily
Paired mine with my ethnic wear (Baju Kurung Pahang)

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