Diaper Bag – The Forgotten Bits

Are you a overpacker parent? Well, you’re not alone. I am guilty of it until I revised and downsize my diaper bag essentials. My spouse would get annoyed when he can’t find something on the huge Skip Hop Diaper bag. Does this mean I am regretting not buying that fancy Jujube‘s? Anyway he chose that bag, so it is not entirely my fault.


Milk bottle cleanser (travel size)

If you are milk-bottled your child whether is it breast milk or formula, you may need to find a travel size bottle cleanser between feeding session. Alternatively, just pour the cleanser into any travel size bottle which you can find lying around the house. Or skip it entirely if you wish.


Diaper disposal bag

It is just a scented bag with a strappy string on the sides to tie up soiled diapers and wipes. Not important but very useful during those poopy explosion days in the car. Available: Mothercare

Speaking of which, I may want to switch from disposal diapers to cloth diapers. Not the traditional muslin cloth diapers with a huge pin. These diapers are more well-thought design and breathable. So, you may not even need any diaper cream. What I know is that, you need to change the insert every 2 hours. Even though, there aren’t that cheap for one diaper plus the removable inserts, it is an investment in the longer run or great for vacation. There are a few cloth diapers that are sold in the market like Charlie Banana or the locally made – Moo Moo Kow. Sound interesting. I’ll update more if I purchase it.


As parents, we would want to safe guard our children for being injured of sick. I have not encountered one except when my baby’s had a fever after his vaccination appointment. Common medications essentials are important to keep in the diaper bag. It is hard to find the nearest pharmacy when you are travelling. Medication essentials like fever patch, mosquito repellent patch, all-purpose ointment (like Lupas Paw Paw ointment), sunscreen etc. Bare in mind, these are just for babies. More bumps and boo-boo mishap coming up in the future, with a special plaster (band-aid) with cartoons imprint on them to magically chase the pain away. sigh

There are a few vaccinations that would cause fever. So, I was given an enlightening advice from relative of mine (who is a nurse) that, an hour before vaccination (during feeding time) try to give paracetamol (prescribed from doctor previously) to the baby to prevent him from getting fever. Never tried it before, but I’ll update soon. 


Extra top

Minor accidents do happen especially during diaper change or after feeding. Once, my sister had to detour back home when she had vomit on her top. A sourly mess. An extra top is needed if you are travelling more than 4 hours from home. It doesn’t have to be new, but I recommend a black top. It goes well with everything.

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