Baby Essentials

I don’t call myself an expert in this but after a four-month old baby survival somehow I can now have a preference on what are the essentials of newborn. Well, besides the common items.

Ring Sling

If you considered in buying a stroller first before a carrier/sling, you may want to rethink about it. Babies are required to go for a vacination at the local polyclinic. To carry a precious baby or transport it using a stroller might not be wise idea for time being. So, this is where a carrier is needed. I was gifted with the Little Frog ring sling from family members, and it was a saviour.

Carrier with insert

We had a trial test with the stroller, my son was agitated in it. We concluded that a stroller isn’t wise for the time being. So, we decided to purchase a baby carrier after much careful thought. There are a lot of carriers in the market. So, choose a carrier that provide support on the infant neck as well. I currently using Ergobaby Four Position 360 Mesh Baby Carrier Cool Air + Infant insert. Why? I am attracted to the baby privacy hood that is proven useful when travelling. Click here for some recommendation in choosing a baby carrier from Pupsik Studio.

Sleeping bag

An upgraded version of the traditional blanket, your baby would be sleeping peacefully without the hazardous of being accidental covered. I have an active baby who would rise his feet up in the air when he wakes up, so his swaddle gets ride up to his waist. I converted his swaddle to a Love to Dream transitional sleeping bag.

Mesh singlets

These are proven so useful in the summer. If you are not aware already, Singapore is darn humid in the summer. Poor boy is born during the hot season. He got heat rash when we dress him in a cotton pyjamas. Until, my mother bought these from the market. 4 for $10? Score. No I found an even better offer, 1 for $2. Comment below if you want to know where to grab these in Singapore.

Bath Aid

Even though I have a crash course on bathing my child while I lie on the hospital bed, I still am scared to bathe him. I cheated and bought the bath aid instead. Save you some minor panic attack when you bathe your baby.

Thermal flask & Insulate bottle bag

It is proven useful to warm up breast milk if you are on the go without nursing room nearby. Or, preparing formula. I would also recommend a insulate bottle bag from Daiso (1 hour of keeping the bottle warm).

Diaper pad

Once we had a quick trip to the baby changing room, and we saw other parents using their personal diaper changing pad. And we’re like ‘oh, why didn’t I think of that?’ moment. So I think it more hygienic and convenience to use if you happen to change diapers that are not clean. Try to find diaper bag that comes with changing pad if you can, like Skip Hop or Jujube. Alternatively, buy one that is foldable and light weight.

Head support pillow

You know when your baby’s head got wobbly in his stroller, a normal pillow would not do the trick. Instead, invest in a head support pillow.


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