39 weeks passed

Thirty-nine. My baby have reached a full term! So approximately, we are days away on the arrival of this little one. I’m starting to have mixed feelings about my labour. I will going to miss these unforgettable moments while the baby still nestling in me. Let me try to recall on my pregnancy journey for my own reflections in the future.

First Trimester

I pretty much eat everything and still fuss on the same foods in my meals. My morning sickness was a mere nauseating as compared to others vomiting their gut out. I was very careful during this trimester, fearing of miscarriage woes again. So I watched my food intake, keeping myself hydrated even halt my daily morning cup of tea for a while. I was not able to stand the stench of fish. As a person who grows up with fish as a staple diet, it was not good. So, I rely mostly on chicken as alternative protein.

This was the time where my hormones gone bonkers. I had subclinical acne covering my whole forehead, chest and back acne. It was so depressing. Also, skin-tag starts to appear on my neck. My skin condition was not a pretty sight.

Second Trimester

As the days reached to second trimester, my morning sickness gravitate towards evening sickness. Whenever I ate my meals, somehow my stomach regretted eating and felt wheezy. My acne were still having the time of their hormonal life. But I took control by improving my skin care regime. Nothing fancy, just stick to the basic. My energy levels were somewhat normal that I had the strength to climb the stairs and bridges to work.

The constipation game was strong. I tried to keep myself hydrated and add in more fibre to my food. Was not a pretty sight. I had my first taste of a date juice called Ener Al Kurma which I purchased from Dhaqq Nutritious. It elevated my constipation woes.

I had my first taste of heartburn. I thought it was some sort of indigestion until it got worse. What does it feels like? It felt like when you eat too quickly during a buffet spread and that burn sensation on the chest and  the back of the throat just won’t go away. I was afraid to seek help from the pharmacy, fearing that the medications may not be suitable. So, I let it burn until it slowly subsided. The doctor advise me to take a walk after my meals to prevent future heartburn.

Did I mentioned my energy level was high? I felt like going for a 10k marathon one time, which my spouse ignored.

I felt a first kick sometime in my 20th week. At first it felt like a bubble in my tummy and it was gone for a while. Days later, I felt the same sensation again. I knew what it was like some sort of instinct. It was sooner that I expected for a first timer. Even the doctor was surprise. This little one is impatient to introduce itself to the world.

The final 2 weeks before my trimester moving to another phase, I had brown discharge. Gave me a scare. I suspected a fungal infection, but it improved by itself significantly. No idea what that was. Glad it was gone.

On my last week of second trimester, we went on a short vacation to Dubai. Why? We try to avoid the tropical area (fearing of zika virus) or places that are prone to natural disaster during the last month of the year. So Dubai is the better choice that equipped with modern medical facilities, so why not.

Third Trimester

Due to the constant energy level that I had, I finally grasped the fact that I am indeed pregnant. My belly starts to swell heavily this time. I recalled once I was queuing up to board the train that staff insisted in helping me to find a reserved seat in the train. No more muffin top belly. In that instance, I know my pregnancy excuses can now be fully utilised.

Hot flush and night sweat were becoming a trend at night. I would sweat at night that it got uncomfortable to snuggle my blanket. A glass of water is always by my side in case it got too flustered.

Any cravings thus far? Nada. I am grateful yet slightly disappointed that I have no specific cravings throughout my journey. I just eat as per normal like I ever been.

By this time, I began to differentiate between baby hiccups and kicks.

On my 33 week, I had an ultrasound that gave me a Breech scare. What it means is that, this little one is sited upright position in my belly. This may cause complications during labour if the baby refuse to turn towards my pelvis after 37 weeks. There is a procedure called External Cephalic Version (ECV) which only 2 specialists are able to perform at KK Hospital but the possibility of success rate is 55 to 70%, and in some cases the baby may rebel and turn to the upright position back again. So, C-section could be in your birth plan if this is your case. I was called in for the next appointment in the following two weeks just to check the position of the baby. I was so terrified. Every night for two weeks, I rub my belly and console my baby to turn. The subsequent appointment arrived, and the caucasian sonographer confirmed that this little one managed to turn. We were so grateful.

I have my first session of pre-natal massage by a relative, who happens to be a full-time massage therapist.

Heartburn started to fade and bid goodbye to me. Finally! As the baby lightening and fall to my pelvis, my heartburn too subsided. However, I received extreme fatigue that I rolled my eyes whenever I had to climb the stairs and resorted to taking the ramps instead. I took my time to walk, this time I am pregnantly don’t care of what others think of me. My appetite increases in my 36 weeks as the baby reached 2.5kg. As advise by my massage therapist and the doula, I had the green light to eat whatever I want. Confinement of 40 days after birth can be torturous for some new mothers (will post in the future).

My neck starts to attract eczema. It becoming more darker, dry and chapped. Oh well, some things got to give. Hopefully, it’ll subsides after birth.

Full Term

That concludes my pregnancy journey. It may not be as breeze as what others assumed. With my hospital admission letter attached to me everywhere I go, I pray that my husband is beside me when it is time.


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