Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

During pregnancy, some patients may develop Gestational diabetes mellitus, a condition whereby the body is not producing enough hormone insulin to control sugar levels. So, most patients are potentially at risk especially to Asian, maybe due to the fact that our staple food is rice.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests (OGTT) is a diagnosis for pregnant patients to screen glucose (sugar) levels in their blood. Patients are required to fast the night before and skipping food and drink during the appointment day. There are three blood samples are taken. Firstly, is during the 12 hours of fast (overnight), then one hour after the glucose beverage being consumed and the following hour. So, a total of 2 hours of waiting time in order to complete the blood test. Patients are to inform the nurses if they feel nauseating or fainting during the process.

So far, I did just fine. But, I was so hungrily cranky even the baby is unhappily kicking me for breakfast. So, I took a free cracker (at the registration counter) and rehydrated myself while making my payments.

When will the tests be announced? A week after due to the huge number of patients undergo these diagnosis at the same. Any urgent matter that require some attention will be contacted from the hospital. Other than that, the full result will be discussed with the doctor on the upcoming appointment.
Update: I did not receive any news regarding my result from the hospital for a month. Later during my subsequent appointment, the doctor announced that my blood sample test is fine. If there is no news from the hospital, assume it is nothing to worry about.

Payment made:

  • Consultation: $93
  • Battery Code for GTT (Antenatal): $40
  • Urine Labstix: $12
  • Total Amount after subsidised and GST absorbed: $69

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