Dubai: Rove Downtown Dubai Hotel

Rove Downtown Dubai

We arrived at this fancy new hotel. Our initial concern is the security deposit of AED200 per night because we only brought cash sufficiently for our travel expense. Check-in was a breeze with no security deposit, since we had fully paid the room on Agoda website, days ahead of departure. So we were left with the compulsory tourism fee (some sort of service fee imposed by the government) of AED10 per night as expected.

Rove Hotel 4

We were given high floor with city view room. For Burj Khalifa view room, there are additional fees for it. There is no one to escorted us to our room, which is fine. Our given room was up to our expectations with basic necessities like toiletries, safe deposit box and wifi.

The only issue we encountered is the room card. Every guests have to tap their room card and press their room level on the lift. However, the cards given were not functioning that we had trouble accessing the lift and our room. The lobby attendees advise us not to place our cards near any mobile devices, which is impossible. Aren’t we all tucked the room cards safely in our bag where other necessities are kept?

Rove Hotel 2


The location of the hotel is wonderful. I mean, a hotel that is 5-7 minutes walk to Dubai Mall is hard to come across. To walk out of the hotel, there is a gate for guests to walk. The pathway is self explanatory because you just have to walk straight to the traffic lights at the 4 way junction. Do take note that, the traffic is crazy, so observe precautionary when crossing the streets.

What other guests do not reveal is the long walk from Dubai Mall to reach the Burj Khalifa metro station. Everyone have to walk across that 7 longest travellators ride that took 15 minutes to reach the station (yes, we’ve counted). After the third day stay, it is not fun anymore. Once, we had a long day trip that we alighted at the metro station and took a cab for 5 minutes ride to the hotel for AED12. There is a bus F13 from Burj Khalifa metro station to Dubai Mall if you are that lazy to walk.

Rove Hotel 3

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