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Counting down to the arrival of my little one, I am still not prepared for my hospital bag. My aunt advice me to start packing as soon as I hit 30 weeks. Ok.. Should I panic now? Meh. Third Trimester is taking a toll on me. I felt so sluggish and exhausted most of the time. The least I could do is jotting down some of the things that are required to bring when I will be warded. Hopefully, I don’t forget some of it.

As for the preferred bag, I was thinking of a cabin-size luggage instead of a backpack or that huge Le Pliage Longchamp tote I saw during my prenatal appointments. I spare some thoughts to my spouse, who would be carrying the unflattering feminine bag.

So what are the things should we prepare?

Important Documents

  • Hospital/doctor’s admission form
  • Hospital deposit (depending on maternity package)
  • Medical report
  • Medications (allergies)
  • Birth plan

This is self explanatory. In order to be admitted to the hospital during your labour, you need these documents for the hospital verification. The birth plan however is optional if you already know what you want during labour. Epidural, water birth or emergency c-section procedure that sort of thing, should be discussed and plan with your partner beforehand.

  • Identification Cards/Passports (both parents)
  • Marriage Certification (original)
  • Printed baby names (including special characters)

Marriage certification and NRIC of the both parents are required for registering the newborn’s birth certification. Although it is recommended to register your newborn’s name at local hospital within 14 days, some are delayed due to valid reasons. You can delay in registration the birth certificate for up to 42 days at the ICA Building. Do take note of the S$18 fee and some hospitals may impose additional cost as well. For more info, click here

3 ways to use Medisave Maternity Package
  • Prenatal medical receipts/invoices
  • Printed copy of bank statement

As we all aware, giving birth in Singapore is expensive so grab whatever subsidies and claims that you are entitled to. Do claim (up to S$900) of your pre-natal medical check-ups based on Medisave Maternity Package. Bring all your prenatal medical invoices to the hospital (regardless private or public).

A copy of bank statement and marriage certificate are required to create the newborn Child Development Account (CDA) for the Baby Bonus. Child Development Account savings are matched dollar-for-dollar up to the cap for Government matching contributions. Read here for more info.

Credit: Straits Times
Credit: Straits Times


Most of the things packed are similar like staycation trip but the essential things are for nursing. I am not confident on whether my body is able to produce milk immediately after labour but a breast pump will help to stimulate the production of it. So, nipple cream and disposable pads are important to bring as well. Oh and I bought Uniqlo’s Bra Top as a substitute to nursing bra.

There are some things that I would eliminate like makeup or contact lens. I will be going through a huge battle, so I could not careless on what others will judge of my look. Feeling absolute comfortable in my skin is the best option. If you are feeling fancy, CC cream or a touch of concealer will do.

Also, avoid bringing over personal valuables like jewellery as the hospital will not be accountable of any loss of personal items. Bring at your own risk.


I do have to give some credit to my spouse and pack his essentials to prevent him from fetching anything back home. Just the normal things like toiletries, change of clothes, mobile charger and couple of money for snacks.

New Born

Since the hospital will provide some of the new-born essentials (chargeable I think), I would downsize on some of the things like a set of clothing, swaddled blanket, burping cloth, diapers, toiletries to bathing towel.

Below is what I have prepared for an easy comprehensive list on what to pack in your hospital bag. Do adjust accordingly based on your preference. Comment below if I missed out a thing or two.

For printable format, click here




8 thoughts on “Hospital Bag

  1. if you have time, can consider ordering lactation cookies and packing them into your bag 🙂 also for baby, suggest no need to bring wipes and toiletries/towel. the hospital will provide and help to mandikan baby! also i brought a check-in size luggage hahah. that one also not enough because we received some gifts from visitors and the hospital bag, so my husband needed to make 2 trips to the car ☺

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