BabyMoon – What to prepare


Happy 2017 everyone! Hope your bittersweet memories of 2016 would be put behind and look forward to the possibilities in life. Speaking of which, we will be travelling to Dubai and maybe Abu Dhabi during the second week of 2017 with our precious baggage in tow (tummy). Are we mad? Yes, most probably but we are all well-prepared ahead.

Typically this a risky babymoon holiday because it is our first child, but I don’t think we will travel again until our child grows into a toddler (but babies travel free except for tax). So, we take this chance as a second honeymoon before our little bud arrive.

Not going to lie, of course that are people who will/are against your travel plans. If you are well-prepared with your research, you have the confidence do it.

Do I expect an upgrade? HAHAHA fat luck. Maybe, but not too hopeful. Because I know the chances are low. Airlines are reluctant nowadays unless I play the dramatic pregnant mother.

How do we plan for babymoon?


Suitable destination

Searching for a suitable destination is the key to a good travel experience. There are a few factors that may hinder your travel plans which includes safety, sociopolitical issues to weather conditions (typhoon season). Whether lounging at the beach or city breaks, it is essential to know on how are you going to travel around the areas. Renting a car or hopping on the public transportation can be vital especially in your current state. Take notes on the gist of your chosen destination. Using Google as a first step to start on reading the news to bloggers personal experiences (not those sponsored trips).

Things to consider:

  • How long is your pregnancy when you travel?
  • Find accommodation that are near the local medical facilities
  • Any adequate medical facilities near your destination?

Book early

Like most seasoned travellers advice, booking early for flights to another way to save on the ticket fares. Depending on your budget, adding a checked-in baggage option is important to avoid carrying heavy bags during your flight unless it is short getaway. Alternatively, book a commercial flight for a complimentary checked-in baggage. For a long flight (more than 8 hours), chose a transit destination in between so that you can rest. A direct flight is suitable for shorter distance. Airlines are strict on their pregnancy passengers. Some carriers would not allow more than 32 weeks depending on single or multiple pregnancy. Always check on their airline carrier policy before purchasing your tickets. Also, some countries restrict or limit entry of non-national pregnant women like Malaysia therefore check your consulate destination when in doubt.

Things to consider:

  • Seating too long may be uncomfortable during pregnancy
  • Selecting for more leg room for comfort
  • Opt for middle section on the plane for more stability during flight


Prepare travel documents

Once you settle the main part, organise your travel documents are the second step. No matter how much you wish to skimp on travel budget, never start your journey without a travel insurance. Some insurance agencies provide maternity coverage as low as S$4000 of medical expense. Take note that not all policies will cover a first trimester pregnancy related conditions. Besides applying the destination visa and ensuring 6 months validity of your passport, research the nearest hospital from your hotel destination.

Things to consider:

  • Register your travel details with MFA for the nearest consulate (Singaporean)
  • Know the current news for your destination
  • Visa and vaccination (self explanatory)


Due to the current wobbly state, creating a loose customise itinerary which both sides can enjoy is important. No matter how tempting those ski activities down the mountain slope, it is risky for the lady and the baby.

Things to consider:

  • Be realistic on the activities you would enjoy while pregnant not your companion
  • Ensure there are breaks in between activities



Medical Advisory

Being honest with your midwife/doctor is better than be sorry. They will be able to give some advise on the medical facilities of your destination and what to prepare in case there are some complications during your vacation. I watch my health closely, weeks before departure to avoid complication that may deter my travel plans and granted a seal of approval from my doctor.  My doctor is very helpful since I asked quite a number of questions pertaining my vacation. She highly recommend me to take my vitamins regularly as well as keeping myself hydrated at all time.

Things to consider:

  • Inform gynae on travel dates
  • Request for medical certification from your gynae a month ahead travelling dates
  • Vaccinate according to the travel destination
  • Update your medication supplies


On day of departure

Once every preparations are made weeks ahead, all that is left is your hand luggage and what to plan during your departure. The early the arrangement that you made, the less stress you would have.  Once in a while, it is okay to feel like a queen where everyone cater to your needs.

Things to consider:

  • Have a light meal ahead of departure
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads of baggage. Ask for assistance when required.
  • During check-in, inform the airlines on your current condition
    • Secretly pray for an upgrade –HAHA
  • Keep yourself hydrated
    • Bring an empty water bottle, and filled it up during flight
  • Wear socks (compression socks if possible)
  • Keep your essentials medication, beauty products on your hand luggage
  • Bring healthy snacks like dried fruits or nuts
  • Bring traveling pillow or your maternity pillow
  • Pray and enjoy your flight

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