How’s my 2016 lately

2016 was different like every other years. What is mine?

Embracing marriage life

The first few months were not smooth sailing for me. Getting to know the new family and extended relatives are still difficult. I am not a talker. There are some things I rather hide like my pregnancy news until on my second trimester. I manage to practice in preparing meals for my husband when my in-laws were away on vacation. It was a pressuring moment because I feared that he may criticise my cooking. But he is very encouraging which is very sweet.

Travel bug

I travelled quite numerous times this year. I visited Batam with my parents and spouse. Nothing much, just a short getaway that involves lots of food.

I returned to my favourite place which is Perth together with my new family and relatives in May. I explored areas in Perth which I never had the chance to look upon to. I always love the positive vibes in Australia culture. Maybe that is what makes me want to extend my stay a little longer (if I can) in the future. Australia is more than just a beautiful landscape and wildlife nature.

I also been to Port Dickson for a short getaway with my extended relatives in August. I don’t feel like post about it. I mean it is a resort, not so interesting place to go if you crave for more activities to work with. What stood out, is only the in-pool villa which I had to share with my in-laws and husband.


Not the animal, as much I appreciate the nice tender meat. I learnt a new language, Türkçe. I feel so grown up. So presently, I can now speak 4 languages. Can I now work as a translator? No. To master the accent is still a challenge. I am proud of myself on the unnecessary skills that is yet to be added on my portfolio.

Pregnancy Scare

I had a pregnancy scare in April that left me quite vulnerable for months. I don’t think anyone is aware about it except my husband. In addition to pressure from social gatherings, it does not sit so well for me. A few months later, I am gifted with a child in me and that made me even more grateful as compensation to my loss.


When my nephew was born 2 years ago, he rocked my world into aunthood. So when I gain a chubby niece in August, it was awkward all over again. I am still not good with infant. Swaddle to burping, was a difficult task. I take a few pointers for future reference only to received a joyful news that I am confirm expecting on my husband’s birthday.

Neglecting on pampering myself

The first half a year was challenging that I neglecting on my personal wellbeing. I was so caught up with the changes, that I am not being myself and not internally happy. It’s like ‘go-go-go’, no time to take a breather. Life changes once you got yourself a life partner. Everything is prioritized on others that you’ll eventually forget about yourself. So, I stayed low for a the time being until I feel much better with myself.

Fashion and Beauty

Whilst I keeping a low profile, I wandered myself in online shopping. Look Fantastic offers a free shipping in Singapore which made me to purchase EX1 Cosmetics foundation. Beauty Fresh caters my indulgent in luxury cosmetics. I managed to grab some Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks that was beautifully package to my home. Yet, Sephora still entice me back to their stores for more colour swatches on my hands.

I discovered Pixi Glow Tonic to be the best product I have used the whole year (on my second bottle!). I had Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil that I purchased at Mecca in Perth for a while but I halt it when I got pregnant. It does lifted up to my expectation. Finally clinched my hands on La-Roche Posay Serozinc spray to tame my unpredictable pregnancy hormones.

I rekindled my relationship with ZARA. I was so into H&M until I saw Dina Tokio don quite a lot of ZARA in her lookbooks. Oh INAYAH‘s collections are so gorgeous. I am running out of idea on what to wear for special occasions. This little tummy just keeps on growing out of my dresses.

Terrible in blogging

I have gotten from bad to worse in blogging. Ran out of juice. I need to come out with a new content soon. Or shall I start a fancy bullet journal to enhance my creativity?

#Repost @feebujo ・・・ Today 🌿#bulletjournal #minimal #blackandwhite #linework

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2017 and beyond

Dubai trip. I will be travelling there real soon. An 8 hours flight, how will I going to survive wobbling with this little baggage in me. My husband reminded me that it will be sometime to return back to travelling habit when this little one is born. Might as well savour every couple of moments we have currently.

Additionally, twenty seventeen will be the year that I will rocking a baby to sleep. I still can’t believe I am pregnant. Sometimes, this little random kicks in my swell belly will jolt some reminder to me that I would be a mother soon. Wow.. really. A surreal feeling just like my wedding day. Thinking about labour just intimidating. Technically the idea of raising a tiny human with my spouse will not be easy. How does my parents did it??

2017 is whole new game changer for me. Let that sink it.


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