Abnormality Tests


I think all mothers particularly in Singapore, will be consulted on Down Syndrome tests. These consultation tests will be conducted either on the first consultation or you can reschedule is on a later date like me. My husband and I rescheduled our date because we were not prepared with the amount to pay.

For some, it may looked like some trivial tests that can be opt out. But do take note that Down Syndrome is a permanent condition. There is no cure to this unfortunate disorder unless terminated. Even though it is against most religion beliefs to terminate the poor child, it is still a tough decision to be handled by all parents.

My husband and I arrived to KKH an hour ahead of schedule, with full tummy (well-prepared!). The first test is the Blood test at Antenatal Monitoring Clinic (AMC). As directed by our doctor, we are required to take a blood test for diseases like Thalassaemia.

Tip: for hijab mothers to be, do wear a loose sleeve top during the blood test.

Next we proceed to level 2 at the Antenatal Diagnostic Centre (ADC) for the scanning test. I was advised to clear my bladder before the scan. The first scan is the First Trimester scan. The specialist will search for the baby’s limbs, verify the vital organs, measure the baby and etc. We just sat and watched our little bud having the time of his/her life in my womb. We witnessed our baby jumped on the display terminal and actively moving.

The second scan is Maternal Serum Screening. This time, the specialist had a hard time measuring the amount of fluid at the back of the baby’s neck called Nuchal translucency, because this little bud is too active. The nasal bone is also verified. If the nasal bone is absent, there may be an increased risk of Down syndrome.

Finally, a short review of the ultrasound test with a doctor. The doctor will derive some conclusion on what diagnosis you just did earlier with some questions and answer. The full result will be out within 48 hours at the earliest. A text message will be sent indicating the result. If there is a high chance that the child might be abnormal, the hospital will call and text you on the follow-up diagnosis like Chorionic Villus Sampling and Amniocentesis tests.

I received the text message from the hospital on Friday morning, indicating our result is low risk. I am so thankful with the result. The physical result letter can be obtained on the later visit with the gynae indicating the probability of the abnormality, visible baby’s vital organs and limbs.

Payment made:

  • Laboratory Investigations
    • Blood test for  thalassemia screen (husband): $80
    • Bloody tests for thalassemia and other diseases like HIV: $128
  • X Ray Investigations
    • First Trimester Screening: $173
  • Specialised Investigations:
    • FTS – Maternal Serum Screening: $173
  • Total Amount after subsidised and GST absorbed: $294

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