First Consultation

A common practice before you request for appointment at the hospital is to visit the polyclinic before you being referred to the hospital. As a local resident, in order to enjoy the subsidies you need a letter from a general practitioner to authorize your diagnosis.

Anyway, my first consultation at KKH hospital was 3 weeks after my first pee on a cup visit. I am fully prepared on the long waiting hours that a subsidies patient can endure. I have listed down all the issues I have faced and my past medical issues, even family history so that my consultation are productive as possible. To be honest, I am concern more on the amount of test I would have to bare.

On the consultation day at Clinic A, both my husband and I came an hour earlier than our supposed time (haha! first come first serve). We registered and went for an ultrasound scan. The lady had to press on my pelvis in order to get a closer look on our little green olive. After she found this little one, she searched the entire womb for possible multiple pregnancy (twins or more). Nope, single pregnancy for us. We witnessed the heartbeat, head and wiggly hands and feet. Such a miracle. I have something growing inside of me.

The specialist confirmed that we were pregnant for 9.7 weeks and expected due date in the first quarter of 2017.

After the scan, I proceed with the usual height, weight, blood pressure and urine test. Next, is the consultation with the doctor. I had a quick check with the cervix when I complaint on slight bleeding. I shared my medical history and the religious folic acid habits. She is quite impressed on how well prepared we were. She gave me some multivitamins with fish oil samples.

Final checklist, is the down syndrome counselling. This is not compulsory, but necessary for mothers. She mentioned that there is no cure to the abnormality. So it is recommended to check early during the first trimester. A scary fact, so we select it on our next visit. In general, the whole process took 3-4 hours. The waiting time is what makes it taxing for most patients. Other than that, it is a breeze. I recommend to have some breakfast prior you registration because we were so famished after it ended.

All payments are either by cash, NETS or credit. Payment by CPF MediShield is meant for inpatient case like labour delivery. Below are the breakdown fees in case you are curious or require finance planning. It is under subsidies fees though.

For more info on the consultation fees, click here.

Payment made:

  • Consultation: $93
  • X-ray Investigation (ultrasound): $66
  • Others – Urine Test (clinic): $12
  • Total Amount after subsidised and GST absorbed: $82


2 thoughts on “First Consultation

  1. Alhamdulillah dear and may Allah ease the whole journey for you. Thank you for this post, been curious on how the whole process is like.

    Is there any reason why you chose KKH over others? My time will still be in a long time hehe but i’ve been considering NUH since i have experience being treated by the gynae clinic there. The fees will be around the same right? I heard that the best in sg is thomson medical but i’m guessing it’ll be expensive


    1. Salam, actually I was referred by my polyclinic to KKH. Yep, the subsidised fees are pretty much similar. My colleagues said that it is better to get KKH as compared for NUH. But however, my friends would recommend me to go ahead with the check up at KKH, but deliver at NUH since they are better in service.

      For me personally, I just stick to KKH due to it is specialisation in woman and children healthcare. There is another alternative which is SGH. Maybe waiting time would be different between the hospitals, otherwise I think it is personal choice, finance stability and based on where you reside at. Example: If you choose Dr Aziz (clink link), he would be based on Parkway East Hospital (private).

      Thomson Medical is a private medical practice, therefore expect a huge bill from them. Due to some lapse on the recent IVF cases, I am not confident in their services. Hope this helps.

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