Keeping mum on our first trimester

I am on my first trimester, and I chose not to publicly announced it on my social media. But, I am not sorry for it. I seriously can’t stand why people (i mean relatives) are so eager on my pregnancy. This is an ironic shallow phenomenon. Why are people excited to know ever single details of my life when I am the one who is expecting. What if it is just a cheeseburger hiding in my tummy? How embarrassing can that theory be.

As a expectant mother, I am chill in taking my milestone slowly, jotting down notes on my changes and savior my moments with my husband.

Da berape bulan?

Kalau isteri tak tunjuk, lelaki dia pulak la tunjuk..

.. yelah maklumlah kita da nampak tiga kali kan..kat pantai, kolam renang la kan..

…mane lah tahu, nanti da bertiga kan

Just don’t. Don’t bother with the hints and sarcasm. I already know it all along, way before anyone notice. I’m just pretending to be stupid.

I persuaded my husband in not informing anyone on our pregnancy until we had our first Antenatal care and scan. Even though, he required a huge amount of willpower. I have relatives hinting on my tummy changes, I still keep a mum and ignore their antics. Some just straight up asked me while looking down on my tummy and ask how long am I? These people just couldn’t shut it. Did I mentioned, some even tried to touch my belly during wedding reception. These people does exists. Excuse me, let me enjoy my lunch.

I have specific personal reasons as to why I chose not to publicly announce our bundle of joy. I have married friends, whom had not been blessed with children yet. I have no intention to push it to their faces. To me, I accepted my pregnancy as a form of a blessing that can be given and taken back any point of time. And I think no woman should be pressured to announce to whole world. It is your body in fact.

I am thankful that my mother does not push me on my pregnancy. I guess she knows when I am ready, I will announce it.

So, do respect any pregnant ladies’ space. Because we can’t stand obnoxious people.


5 thoughts on “Keeping mum on our first trimester

  1. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS DEAR!!! It is always a joy to see (or in this case, read) another lady pregnant. But I totally can relate to this blog of yours. But what sucks the most, people are asking and touching my tummy when I’M NOT EVEN PREGNANT. Oh how demoralizing is THAT!! And when I told them that I am not expecting and that I just had my lunch/dinner, they looked so embarrassed and I felt sorry for them for expecting so much from me. And what’s worse is that, they are ladies too. Don’t they feel the same sentiments. 😦


    1. Thank you dear.. ya precisely! People expect too much from newly weds couple. All we want to do, is eat to our hearts content because we earn it (we took months of exercising and dieting to fit into our wedding gowns).


  2. Hi, I came across your blog recently. Congrats on your bundle of joy!
    I totally get how you feel. I was so scared to tell family about my pregnancy cus I have a sister and cousins who got married before me but have yet to be blessed with a baby. But at the same time I am so so happy for this blessing. Alhamdulillah.
    Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy journey! 🙂


    1. Hi. Hope you feeling fine as well. Alhamdulilah congrats to you too! I actually don’t feel obligated or necessary to tell the whole world on my pregnancy. Let it start with just revealing it to the your parents and in-laws once you feel ready without any pressure. I’m sure they are as excited to make the official announcement. Just let the good news spread by itself gradually. It is also less stress on you and the baby 🙂


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