Good News and Bad News

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We are humbly happy to announce on our pregnancy. Actually, it have been quite awhile but we keep it under wraps until we have fully confirm it with our doctor. Why show a pee stick when you can display a scan? Anyway, how far how long are we? 13-ish weeks.

It is joyous yet nerve wrecking occasion for us. With Zika on the loose, we are very cautious of everything and every place we go. We are the unlucky bunch who have yet to purchase the mosquitoes patches when it first announced. Though we managed to find 2 Mortein Cordless Electric Liquid Vaporiser for our room. I personally think people who are least affected by the virus, are chasing after the unnecessary repellents. I have been encouraged to work from home until the end of my first trimester. Which is yeay but somebody is envy (my husband). But as a person who gets easily bored at home, this is a challenge. More or less, I view it as a quarantine session for me.

I’l update on all details about the consultation procedures in the upcoming post.


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