Still Here

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I have been hiding for a few months now. What happened? Still here, just reading other blogs. Swallowing folic acids every single day like steroid since I got married. There was a period of time where I forgo it (another post for that one). Work, married life and learning a new language (Türkçe öğreniyorum) got caught up that I have no idea what to blog on. Put on a few pounds and people start speculating especially the in-laws (because I live under their roof). Don’t get me started with the relatives. I am very thankful for my understanding parents who are not in those categories.

Don’t get your hopes up high. I think these storm troopers need a couple of tries to penetrate through my barriers. Insya Allah. Just chill.

Two Hari Raya event have passed. I am so glad it was over. Guess I can avoid the relatives for a while unless they arrive uninvited. I would wear lose clothing just to play along with their guessing game. All sorts of tips were given. How accurate were those aphrodisiac? Sometimes, it is just pure luck. Let me just stick to normal food and my regular folic acid intake.

Eat meat or poultry for baby boy. Eat fish for a girl. So.. is there any option for vegetarians?

This reminds me on one of the friends who said “the process to achieve a swell belly is tough when you’re married. Unless you’re not. Then it is whole different story”. Very true statement. I now empathize with my married friends who have yet to conceive within one year of marriage or even more. People comments can be so rude and unkind.

Anyway, I am more excited to celebrate my anniversary (eeeps 2 months to go!), or maybe some travelling adventure with my husband than to entertain those shallow questions. Pardon me. I have a long bucket list to fulfill.


One thought on “Still Here

  1. Yes people can be very kpo & mean! If single, they’ll ask “when you want to marry?” If married, they’ll ask “why no child yet?”. If you have a child already, they’ll ask “why only one child? He/ She’ll be lonely, get another!” It never ends! So ignore them yeah! Don’t let them bring you down! 😀🌹🌹


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