Review: SARIAYU Hijab Shampoo & Conditioner


Review- SARIAYU Shampoo & Conditioner

Ever since I decided to don the hijab, I have been suffering a flat, greasy and itchy hair. It is so annoying to scratch my hijab every now and then. Sometimes, little dandruffs appeared when my roots got too greasy. I tried to apply enriched coconut oil mask overnight, but the effect is temporary. I guess I had to find a replacement for old shampoo and conditioner for a better range.

Currently, I have been using this shampoo and conditioner that cater to hijab ladies by Martha Tilaar. Quite a famous brand in Indonesia. If it is from her brand range, I pin high hopes for it. I found this shampoo and conditioner when I was shopping last March in Batam, Mega Mall at Hypermart. It cost around Rp 21,000 and Rp 23,00. $2.10-ish for shampoo?! Oh yes, grab and go.

A halal certified hair care range that promises to cleanse, treat the hair by maintaining it strong and dark. Reduces itchiness caused by dandruff. Refreshes the covered hair from being limp. Sounds like it can rectify the common hijab hair woes.

What are the list main ingredients? Bare in mind that the list sounds like traditional Jamu. Urang Aring (Eclipa Alba), Aloe Vera, Cabai Rawit (Capsicum), Daun Mint (Mint), Daun Mangokan (Saucer Leaf). So, the main list sounds like we can make a salad. All we need is some ranch and toss the ingredients together. OK, jokes aside.

I would wash my hair overnight and letting it to air dry. According to the instruction on the bottle, you may need to shampoo twice for better effect. This reminds me of a tip I found on extending your wash in double shampooing your strands for those who washes 2-3 times weekly. During the first wash, it does not lather well. After I wash and reapply the shampoo, it lathers and deep-clean my roots. Rinse and condition the ends of the hair as usual for about 3 minutes and rinse. Once it is completely air dry, spritz some dry shampoo (I use Klorane) for maintenance. Then, off to bed!

The first shampoo breaks down the oils and build-up in your hair, while the second shampoo completely gets them out“.

Overall it smells amazing, and my scalp feels clean. The mint did gave a refreshing menthol effect to your scalp. The scent remained on my hair even after 2 days (I wash my hair every other day). My hair now feels clean and healthy. No complaint on itchiness and dandruff or the musky smell.

Though on the side note, my hair still looks flat due to the daily hijab. I have yet to try on the Hijab Hair Tonic Lotion and Hijab Hair Mist. So, I am not be able to justify the whole range. Overall, highly recommending the shampoo and conditioner duo for the price and quality.

Tip: If you happen to visit Batam (Indonesia) don’t be afraid to buy in bulk for a year supply of shampoo and conditioners. One bottle lasted me for 4 months, and I have a long hair. Mind you, I tried to skimp on it. That is why I wash my hair every other day.

  • Item: SARIAYU Hijab Shampoo and Conditioner, 180 ml each.
  • Cost: S$3.50 each
  • Where: Jamu shops in Singapore

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