Apartment: Selection

I have been married for close to 6 months. We have been constantly shifting every weekend to my parents place while weekdays on his, unless my husband require to work overtime. It has been tiring to pack and unpack and repacking our weekend clothes, but it is part of the deal in marriage. Responsibility towards our parents is still a priority until their last breath.

We waited quite a while to receive our response on Build to Order (BTO) flat from HDB. Previously, we applied for Sale of Balance flat but it was unsuccessful. So now, we got our Ballot number for our selection of unit. The number given was a 50/50 chance for us. My colleague commented that, “sure or not you can get the best unit“. I felt defeated. A discouraging remark but Insya Allah if He grants us a home, it will be ours no matter what is it. Although, I have this feeling that people reschedule their appointment to get an earlier date, just to grab the best.

As the day drew nearer to our appointment date, we found that all units facing the sea that we have been eyeing were snapped up. No surprise there. Reluctantly, we keep our options open for the less desirable units.

On our appointment day, we chose a flat that is nearer to the playground. It is either have our privacy invaded with the proximity of nearby flats or the playground. We just have to make do our apartment as ours despite the undesirable location.

You know what this means, time to slowly buying home decorations and slide it under the bed while waiting for our apartment completion. I can hear Crate & Barrel, H&M home, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie calling out to me.

Below are the useful articles and reports on flat selection:


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