Travel Diary: Perth

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This Western Australia city cater to those who loves nature and tranquillity. The local lifestyle, food and fresh air kept pulling me to return back ‘home’ again. Time seems to be slow while night-time drew in at 5. Pausing a moment to greet the Aussies and shared a smile together draws the warm Australian culture that are sadly lacking in our static monotonous culture.

For the past 7 days I travelled there, it was a whirlwind trip. I’ve gotten close to koalas and kangaroos. Slurping fresh oysters. Hearing the annoying crows. Smelled the sea breeze. Laid back with some great company. Laugh out loud on childhood memories.

The best time to visit is during the Autumn/Winter season. The nice cooling breeze would sooth your summer burns in Singapore.

Now let me mend my post Perth blues and return to reality. Till I return again Perth, soon. Insya Allah.


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