The Pox

Chicken pox

Recently, I have been diagnosed with chicken pox. Thinking about it just makes me laugh. I have already had one when I was 9. So, this pox situation just baffled me when the doctor confidently assured me that it is the leftover chicken pox (varicella zoster) virus that have not been fully subside in my body. The pharmacist laughed when I have to acknowledge on the medication is for my chicken pox. So embarrassing for my age.

It is contagious if I touch someone who have not had chicken pox before or anyone with an open wound. So, Dettol hand sanitizer is my current best friend. And setting an alarm for my regular medication (every 4 hours!) is my routine.

I am lucky that the pox developed only at the lower back. You have no idea how itchy it have been for me. I am so glad the doctor prescribe me antihistamines for the itch. I have to pull in a huge willpower to withstand the itch. Cold shower is a bless while Coconut water is the enemy at the moment.

I have been drinking young Coconut water to relief heatiness and speed up the healing process for chicken pox. It does speed up but the after effect of itchiness just came with a great blow.

Ever heard of using the ‘Daun Pleh Pleh‘ for chicken pox? It is actually Indian Lilac or Neem leaves where the Indians would use to relief itchiness caused by chickenpox. Evidently, the leaves have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is best to grind the leaves to a paste and apply to the infected blisters. My husband recalls that his mother hit him with the Neem leaves when he had a chicken pox. Haha.

Abstain to certain food is worse of all. Say hello to plain porridge to whatever tasteless bland food for a week. No eggs, chicken, seafood, certain fish, soy sauce or whatsoever I have to refrain from. I guess I have not been appreciating great food to suffer this mess. My husband has been patient when my blisters starts to stings due to the medication is taking effect.

I hope I recover soon before my family holiday in less that a week away. Eek!


9 thoughts on “The Pox

  1. In my line of work, I see plenty of adults (as old as 40!) who got diagnosed w chicken pox. Nothing to be embarrassed about babe! Hehe rest well and get better soon!


  2. Daun karapuleh my mum always say.. ehhe.. n i hv nv gotten chicken pox before. N i dunwan! Hahaha. Pimples scars r such a sore, i wudnt wan chicken pox scars.. u better dun anyhow garok2 ok.. take care ok..


  3. My brother got chicken pox in the same year of his wedding, nasib early that year cos the wedding was later in the year. But yes it was so random he himself dunno how he contracted it and it was his first time. Anw, you take care! Time “sakit” ni time to rest!


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