Review: Adlina Anis XL Ninja Echo

Hello fail attempt on bouldering.
Hello fail attempt on bouldering.

I have recently purchased my Adlina Anis XL Ninja Echo which I nicknamed it as ‘earphones hijab‘. It is a one of kind, slip-on jersey Hijab with a fair share of chest coverage, suitable for active wear. Here are my verdict on my thoughts after a week of trial and couple of washes.

Credit: Adlina Anis
Credit: Adlina Anis

Let me first mention that Adlina Anis have a wonderful service, despite a short delayed when they could not find my transaction. It was quickly rectified and processed, which is keeping true to their service stated on her website (2 days of processing time). It was delivered promptly within 2-3 days to my mailbox via the local postal company.

I purchased this XL Ninja Echo on an impulse when it mentioned on the good amount of chest coverage therefore I have high expectation. The quality of the hijab are made of Rayon and Jersey. You can expect it as a stretchy material and slightly thick. It comes in a matte Black, Navy and Grey colours with two sizes available, Small and Normal. I opt for normal size.

Does it droop? It snug pretty nice to my head. I have no complaints on the design of the double v ninja. I jogged and even rock climbed/bouldering my normal activities and it did not budge. Do I need double layer of scarf to cover up? The jersey material follows the shape of your head like most ninja hijab cap does. It depends on individual preference. I would if I jog during winter.

Although, I have a slight problem in slipping on my ear buds to the small opening on the ears. It will take a while to get used to putting on earphones into the hijab for the first time. I did a funny fail attempt on slipping on my glasses into the earphones opening which is not well recommended. Anyway, when the wind breeze towards me, my ninja hijab will flip up to my face. In this case, I would suggest to pin the front.

Does it smell after workout? Ever notice that whenever you wore a dri-fit material t-shirt for a while that no matter how many washes that sweat stench still remains (I am referring to the cheap quality dri-fit shirts). For this case, rest assure it does not. After a nice soak with water and detergent, or just drop it into a washing machine and air to dry; it is wearable again. However, be sure to put a low setting if placing the hijab into the dryer. It’ll might shrink, I think.

With the quality and comfort I experienced with XL Ninja Echo, I think it is reasonable and worth purchasing in the long run. I used it for my normal weekly runs, rock-climbing, running errands to the shop and quick slip-on when guests came over. Besides that, I would see myself wearing this hijab for travelling, especially during departure. Great to slip on the earphones while on board.

Suitable for zumba, jogging, aerobics, cross-fit training, rock-climbing or basically almost any active workouts. Although, I am not quite certain in using it for swimming. It may cling to your body when it is wet due to the nature of the material. An area of improvement is the material of the hijab is jersey, it would be better if it is made of a light breathable material similar to Uniqlo’s Airisim.

Other than that, I am satisfied with Adlina Anis XL Ninja Echo.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Adlina Anis and other products mentioned above.


7 thoughts on “Review: Adlina Anis XL Ninja Echo

  1. I bought the normal Echo Ninja. It was before they launch the XL. But coverage is like really short that it kind of still stuck in my drawer really thinking when to wear. Maybe i should wear it during a ladies only class. haha. I should purchase the Xl then…but yah like you said, the material is a bit thick though:)


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