Adlina Anis XL Ninja Echo

Credit: Adlina Anis
Credit: Adlina Anis

I have been slacking in my running ever since I don my hijab. Every now and then, I would jog without covering my head and it is uncomfortable when I expose my head as though I am lying to myself. I could not find any suitable hijab for working out. Either the snood droop to the front, or I wrap the scarf tight that it gets too hot that I would get heat rash. Once I saw, a makcik was jogging that her face was flushing red. Thus, I decided to find a suitable hijab that comfortable and breathable.

After searching across the Google, I found Adlina Anis‘s Ninja Echo. A slip-on hijab with an access to earphones but it is slightly shorter on chest coverage. I comtemplating to purchase until I received an email that she have improved her Ninja Echo with a better coverage.

I happily purchase my XL Ninja Echo hijab. This is perfect for working out without any fuss on the expose chest area. Excited to try it out once I receive it. This hijab is worth S$39.90.

So, is there any other excuse in not working out? I think not, Ladies.

*Disclaimer: This is not sponsored post. I am not affiliated to Adlina Anis or any of the products mentioned above.


9 thoughts on “Adlina Anis XL Ninja Echo

  1. wahhh . being the first to manufacture it and price it at an affordable rate . kudos to her babe . shall wait for ya review , thought of getting for my mum too . hehe


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