Inter-racial family event

Hold up, where did January go? In the blink of an eye, the first month of 2016 practically evaporated. And now, February will begin which brings me to the long public holiday. Being married to a Half-Chinese family means I have more festive celebrations to attend. Their annual celebrations becomes part of mine ever since I dated my husband years ago. Despite with the fact that I hardly attend with a reason that we should not attend our family events together until we officially married, I do showed up once a while. All I would do is seated in one corner and munch on nuts while hearing a mixture of Mandarin and Hokkien dialects in the background. Acknowledge when needed but no clue on to what so ever they conversed on.

Although, this is not my first time meeting his Chinese family members, it is our first as a married couple. You know what this means if you are Asian, we had to give red packets called ‘Hong Bao’ to the elders and children as part of their tradition. Until now, I have no idea on the preferred amount to give to the elders. All I know, the notes have to be new and crispy to symbolise a good and prosperous year ahead to the recipient.

The custom to wear red or traditional Chinese outfits were booming back then. Nowadays, it is a disappointment when the millennials prefer to don their preferred clothes when visiting their elders and relatives. I am not sure as to what the reason behind the depleting phenomenon, but my husband’s family are still geared up in red. I specially brought a Zalia’s red lace dress (see above), minus the black scarf and pair it with NurFudge‘s scarf in mustard, months ahead. To be exact, last December during the Christmas sales. I am well prepared this time.

Hope for the best and keep on smiling. Just don’t question when will we have kids. No idea how to respond Insya Allah in mandarin. Happy Chinese New Year!


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