Have a desire to travel alone?

Would you travel alone? Not for business but for your own pleasure regardless whether you are engaged, married or single. I have this imaginary plan that I would travel alone after watching Eat Pray LoveWild or Tracks while avoiding the too aggressive adventure trip that might ended up like 127 hours. That desire of travelling to a foreign land gives me the rush of learning different aspect of life and how short it actually is. The freedom to your own itinerary. 

But the thing is, I am not brave even though I have some so-called life skills that I can utilise like map reading to cook and clean but I hate that restless and a little lonely feeling build inside of me. I recalled on one of my friends who travelled alone for a quick trip in the means of attending a course convention in a neighbouring country. It is different but I do admire her courage. Or another friend of mine, who flies to Nepal to climb the Mount Everest camp base, solo. (Read her adventure here). I guess in this 21st century the rate of female travellers venturing alone are increasing. I read on an article on 10 countries to travel solo and safest destinations to travel alone.

Fear and anxiety are best described for those who are attempting to go solo. These can be overcome if the trip is well plan and encourage interaction with the local. Overcoming an introvert to socialize more is one step closer to your goal.

Would my significant other be agreeable to this? I discuss this with my husband recently, and a straight “sorry, no”. A heartbreaking answer that crushes my tempting desire. In his defence, he is worried for my safety especially in this situation on islamophobia. Unless it is a business trip. Bummer.

If I be given the chance (when hell freezes over), I would open my choices to areas where it is considered more secure for female travellers. One of the skills to brush up is photography. Venturing alone without capturing the perfect moment is an epic loss while a good researching skills is important as well.

Do you have the same desire to travel alone? Where would it be?


2 thoughts on “Have a desire to travel alone?

  1. It’s fun to travel solo! I think to address the islamphobia.. Maybe can go for winter holidays.. If you wear tudung, can just wear a snow cap to hide tudung under it. Blend in like the rest of the ppl there 🙂


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