Hijab: A month of a veil wearer


By Luke Palmer

Obstacle and struggle

OK so I have been donning hijab for a month. The first two weeks were difficult. I was nervous but not bothered when I wore mine. Once a while, I forgot to wear when I was running quick errands to the mini mart or going to the doctor. I still see myself adjusting my hijab at the train station toilet, because it goes everywhere when the wind blows. Also, sufficient emergency pins are constantly in my purse for the ‘just in case’ moments.

Styling a Hijab. Really, I am still struggling in wrapping my head in all sorts of fashion. Usually I wrapped in a simple minimalist way because I am that lazy. Youtube tutorials are awesome. They make it so easy. But trying to master 101 ways to tie a hijab in a month was a struggle. Poking my head and fingers accidentally are becoming a norm for me. I found a great tutorial that I always return to whenever I have doubts, 7 ways to wear SugarScarf by Nabiilabee. Now I get it why some of my friends are crazy over SugarScarf because they are sufficiently long scarf to style with.

Flat hair. Underneath those scarf, are flat hairs waiting to peek out. It does gets itchy once a while, no laughing matter during that situation arise. So, shampooing and air drying it at night is my go-to.

The heat. Isn’t it obviously warm in wearing a veil that are wrapped nicely to my head? Therefore, it is best to find cotton breathable scarf.

In this era, Muslims are constantly in the subject of stereotypes and scrutiny. A hijab lady stood out amongst the crowd. I feel sick in the stomach when public talked behind me on the hurtful remarks about my hijab and religion. If they refuse to understand the true meaning on my religion, I don’t blame them on their ignorance.


My colleagues were obviously surprise by my decisions to wear hijab. The response was lukewarm, but I do understand that they are adjusting just like me. They said, I looked young and different. I explained that I decided to wear without any influence and pressure from my husband or religion. The following week later, I adjusted well in the office. My parents already adapted since I wore hijab temporarily during special events when I go out with them. I am sure they are proud of my decision.

Active wear

I was searching a good top and bottom for active wear, although there are a huge collection on online stores. I was contemplating since it is not sold locally. So, I am a little fussy with the quality and service. So I prefer to take my time and find better alternatives.

Recently, Uniqlo had a new arrival that could be suitable to active wear. I found Uniqlo selling a breathable top for jogging, Airism Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt available online only. Meanwhile, a kind BTB texted me on an active bottom S Factor Collection that are actually pantskirt that do not flip-up when you jump. Interesting eh.

Update: Uniqlo’s Airism Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt are selling fast with limited sizes available! Hurry, grab yours if you interested.


From my perspective, I feel more confident yet secure at the same time after donning a veil in a month. Somehow I feel like a ambassador for a Muslim. It kept reminding me of my Adab and Akhlaq (ethical moral) in public. Even though, we should not judge anybody physically (because they are still human and still learning), indirectly my small actions play a part.

Typically, I am still the same person except with a veil this time.


9 thoughts on “Hijab: A month of a veil wearer

  1. I know I’m 6 months late haha but alhamdulillah for your hijrah and I hope you’ve found things easier by now. I’m a recently-turned hijabi too, started last year ramadhan so I totally can relate to this post haha! I had so much trouble with the hijab styling too and alot of the youtube tutorials I found at that time were too complicated and didn’t even cover properly ): eventually gave up and I stuck to the same basic style for shawls 😂


    1. Haha.. Alhamdulilah slightly easier now. The market for shawl hijab are bigger now, so more options for us to purchase. Right now I need more storage for my shawls. #hijabiproblem


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