Hitched: Sneaky In-Laws

On the earlier post, I mentioned that my in-laws went on to a short getaway leaving my husband and I had tend the home. I felt as though my in-laws are being sneaky in preparing us to be a responsible newly weds hence they planned their holiday prior our wedding day. She even pointed out on where to find clean beddings if we need them. I brush it off while my husband gave me the sneaky smile. Necessary, yet so embarrassing.

Last weekend, both my husband and I head to IKEA for furniture shopping since his room does not accommodate sufficiently well for me. Investing new chest drawers and a wardrobe, we both felt like an adult for the first time. Thereafter, we shopped for groceries. Ever since my in-laws announced that they about to went away for holiday, I had an anxiety moment on what to cook. Basic recipes sprang out of my boggled head to grab whatever ingredients came to my mind while my husband pushed the trolley behind me. No worries, I cheated by Youtube easy recipes.

It was a new experience week for me, as I appreciate my husband more after we got married. Back then, I can only see the gist of his character, but when we got married I really view his true colours even more and what kind of person he really is. Marriage do give a different perspective about your significant other. Or am I getting old? Haha.

By the way, Husband gave a thumbs up on our meals even though there were missing ingredients on some dishes. No photos for evidence since we were hungry. Now I get it why working wife/mom are always tired, they carry heavy responsibilities to cook and manage the house after work. Not looking forward to it, but mentally prepare for it.


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