Hitched: The Mrs Status

After two weeks after our wedding, we are still adjusting to the new status situation. From dominating sleeping position which he call the pillows ‘I can’t hug my wife!’ barrier, returning home together to habitual routines. On weekdays, we would be staying over his parents’ while on weekends we will be sleeping at my parents’ due to our workplaces are more to the eastern side. It would a sacrifice that we had to make while figuring out solution to our homeless situation. Thankfully, we adjusted well with the constant shifting.

I am sure everyone are comfortable to their normal sleeping position, mine would be a fort of pillows guarding me while I asleep. Now, I had to break my fort and sleep like a log on one side while stealing the blanket without him realising.

Returning home together was awkward yet exciting. I kept thinking of the bus routes to return to my parent’s home whenever we went out. I guess I have to memorize to the East transportation routes. If you have been living in one area all your life, it sucks to learn a new habit. However, I am no longer feel lonely returning home with my significant other.

Sharing household chores are the best part. Thankful that he actually does his own chores. Meanwhile, I got cold sweat whenever my husband is folding my delicates (under garments). So embarrassing. Now he know what is hidden underneath my clothes.

My mother in-law is the head chef in the house. So I won’t go near her territory. Also, she regularly packing lunch for both of us. I called it Happy Meal, since I have no idea what she would be cooking for us and it is always a surprise whenever I open mine.

I am thankful that my in-laws and husband does not dictate my movement in their house. Cart wheeling around is not included though. I had to portray a demure married lady else they might think that my husband marrying a retard. Slowly, I am adapting to their lifestyle and routines. I got nervous when my father in law shared that they will be heading to a short holiday leaving my husband and I, my mind quickly scan all possible meal plans to cook for the both of us. Is this a test? I am able to cook only for myself but it is not meant to be shared with anyone. Should I be glad that my significant other is not a fussy eater? But I am concern if the meals I cooked are not edible to his taste butts. #marriedlifeproblems

Hijab. I have been donning hijab after my honeymoon. It was weird and warm at the same time. It is like a permanent hairstyle that I can colour and style as when I want. But finding a perfect veil that goes well with my current clothes is a struggle. I wore an instant hijab during my first day of work (after a long leave) because I am insecure of what others might think of me. If other Hijabis can do it, so can I. So, I have to start somewhere why not now. However, I have a slight problem on finding a suitable active clothes for my running session (Help!).

But the best part of a married life, is that fuzzy feeling of being called his wife in public. That feeling of being respected was surreal too. Male colleagues, friends to neighbours took a step back in respecting my boundary as someone’s wife and not bothering me with their inappropriate jokes. I don’t have to dress up to the nines except when I go out with my husband. That physical insecurities that I had, is not affecting me any more. Moreover, I am not afraid to hold my husband’s hand or show my affection in public.

Finally, that struggles of wedding vendors and financial crunch woes are over! I can now focus on my future plans ahead with my husband. Though our life isn’t perfect for a start at least it is slowly improving. Silently, planning a next getaway because why not. Thankful indeed. Alhamdulilah.


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