Hitched: Arrival from honeymoon


My husband was so used to sending me home for the past 5 years that he developed that routine. On the contrary, we both live an hour apart from each other. Upon arrival to our home country after honeymoon, I recalled the amusing conversation we had earlier. Sometimes, I am in a lost for words to my significant other’s confidence. Speechless.

Husband: “Have you called your parents that we are arriving?

Me: “No, but I texted them.

Husband: “Ok I’ll send you to your home first, so at least I can catch the last train to my place.

Me: “No, we can share the taxi together to your place.”

Husband: “It’s expensive to continue the taxi fare from airport to your place and mine.” [confidently]

Me: “Err what?” [realised husband starts to sprouting nonsense]

I refused to continue with the conversation. Gave him a hard stare and flashed my wedding ring. [Long pause] Husband starts to realised that we already married.

Husband: “Fine. We’ll take the cab home. Just.. keep walking”. 

Me: [laughs]

Husband: “Don’t judge me.

Me: “I still love you.” [still laughing]

Husband: “I know.

Sigh. We are still adjusting with the newly married situation.


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