Hitched: Meltdowns prior wedding day

I would like to extend my warm gratitude to all who contributed and attended our special day. Both my husband and I had a wonderful time on our solemnisation and wedding reception. Even though there were some hiccups prior the day. I am sure most married couples would face theirs on their day as well.

For my experience, I faced issues with vendors, henna to bridesmaids. My henna night was delayed to Friday afternoon as my friends were unable to come on Thursday. I had no other choice but to cave in.

What were the issues?

Earlier, I decided on sans bridesmaid(s) on my wedding day. I drafted and printed the itinerary to send to my Make up Artist, Sound and crew Entertainment and family members. I even placed the final deposit in envelopes and pass it to family. But I had a bad feeling about it the day before my wedding day.

Two weeks before the day arrives, the sound and crew entertainment manager informed me that my chosen emcee was unable to attend due to his commitment with Mediacorp. Therefore, the alternative emcee would be Aqmal. I have no idea who until I met him on my wedding day.

A week ahead, my official solemniser was unable to attend. Since the Ustaz Yazid is my close relative, he personally called my father to apologies and found a replacement. My then fiance called Ustaz Sofian to confirm his attendance. What was a rare occasion, Ustaz Sofian request to recite with him as a practice. It turns out to be a good practice to prevent jitters on the day.

During Henna session (Friday), My Brother in Law caught some random citizen who was about to steal the Tiffany chairs. Seriously who does that? Meanwhile, I was practically immobile to walk or move around much, therefore I have no idea on outcome of my deco. After I washed up, I came down to find the Decoration was not to my expectation. I texted them and to remove  dark purple wall drapes and curtains on my dais. And I found stray cats seeking refuge at my dais.

Photobooth lady, requested me to take a photo on their booth area. So I did. The area was not to her expectation. I had no idea to find alternative area for them as my reception area was limited space. So I asked my sister and brother-in-law to sort it out for me. I also had to proceed with no background drops in case the area was not based to the vendor request. I just had to Tawakal and hope for the best.

Finally, was my Henna nails stain. I had a meltdown and call my then fiancé to purchase henna from Mustafa as it was not red as what to my expectation. He patiently rode with his relative and bought it for me. I applied on the wee morning at 2 AM, hours before my solemnisation.

So how does everything turns out?

Let me start on the Solemnisation day.

Henna: The stain went red after I applied and quickly catch up my late beauty sleep at 3 am.

Decoration: I am thankful that my sister knew the owner of the Deco, since they were friends. So she took over the whole drape situation. Change to gold champagne theme, stole my Baby Breathe flowers from my bedroom and added to the guest centre piece. And replace the Tiffany chairs to gold bride/groom high chairs. My caterer who is one of my relative, had her staff to stayed in to my void deck to prevent cat refugees and some random neighbours from stealing. The stays cats were a blessing in disguise. No damage were found yet they entertained the staffs and the photographers during the reception.

Solemnisation: My husband told me that the practice over the phone with Ustaz Sofian was helpful. With one recitation, we were official married by my father and witnessed by the Ustaz and my relatives.

Photographers: They were helpful despite a short miscommunication on our home location. They got lost in arriving, it was sorted after a few calls made. And that last-minute reminder to my groom when he forgot his NRIC before boarding the car and ran back in.

Outdoor Photo shoot: Initially, my MUA and two photographers were supposed to attend the outdoor photo shoot after the solemnisation with a relative to transport all 6 of us. We had difficulty to find a second car as we were full in one. My husband had to find his cousin to ride the second photographer to the location. Our MUA initial location was Choa Chu Kang park, but both my husband and I insisted on Tanjung Rhu and Bay South Garden since we can seek shelter at Marina Bay Sands if it rains. The location chosen was actually our initial plan since we always jog around the area. Even though we would be charge extra if it goes beyond the MUA hours of service, we took the plunged.

Due to unforeseen circumstance, my MUA was unable to attend in the last-minute as her daughter and mother were admitted to hospital for allergy case. So, we proceed without her in one car. Weather was on our side at Tanjung Rhu and Bay South Garden, as it was a cool breezy afternoon. Instead of 2 hours, it was stretch to 4 hours. We all had a blast especially the photographers. They instructed us on different location and natural poses while we were playing a fool behind the scenes. Honestly, we were not used to the hug and kisses adoration, so it was weird for me but I played it cool. Yet, they caught us dancing while they were seeking new shooting locations. We returned home and found that it was raining at Choa Chu Kang. We were thankful that we chose our initial plan. Else, we would be drenched and the photo shoot had to be cut short.

Caught in a dance by our photographers

Reception day

Bridesmaids & Grooms men: I was so grateful. My sister and brother-in-law took charge during the wedding reception with my detailed itinerary. They were accommodating to my needs. My make up artiste (MUA) was glad that both my husband and I did not appoint any bridesmaids and grooms men. Personal reasons I guess. In the end, my make up artiste and photographers were our bridesmaid and grooms men which is fine.

Sound and crew entertainment: Aqmal turns out to be the Aqmal, my sister’s previous schoolmate and my husband’s friend. So, the sound went well that my relatives requested him to sing on our wedding day. Based on the permit, no karaoke was supposed to be held, but I ignore and gave him the green light. No official permit staff would attend anyway. As for the song tracks that I gave him the freedom to play whatever songs he wants. What I regret, we forgot to take a picture with the sound crews. What a bummer.

Photobooth: The crew came early to sort the situation with my sister and brother-in-law. Half an hour before the reception starts, a short-circuit occurred due to the photo booth power. It was quickly rectified before the guests arrived.

MUA: My make up artiste was sick in-between the reception event. Instead of we being ushered to outfit change, we escorted and hold her in place. We quickly find medication for her and I had to dress myself up with her lying in one side. No worries, she did her part in some areas minus her weak situation. I was not that fussy and I am used to manage myself during theatre performance. So, no issues for me.

The whole event went well and it ended exactly 6 pm. My MUA mentioned that we were the few couples who are able to end their reception based on their itinerary. I guess we can thank to our experience in performing and stage management that we are able to find quick solutions to our issues. Also to our family, relatives and friends who made our special day happen. Hiccups do happen despite how well planned the itinerary, but it was those who contributed that make the difference. If you ask my husband and I if we were nervous on our day? No, we chose to let go and cherish every perfections and flaws during our wedding day. Alhamdulilah, we are thankful that it went well and no major issues were faced.

*Note: official photos will be release after our photographer return from his mini pilgrimage trip.

We were actually giggling while they capture these moment.

14 thoughts on “Hitched: Meltdowns prior wedding day

  1. it was quite a WEDDING babe despite all the hiccups you go through . I and zu was mesmarize by the pelamin and colour theme . Not forgetting the delish KUIH TART . so sayang we never get to take picture with you guys . heheh


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