Don or Don’t Hijab


Don or Don’t. The same questions keep running to my head almost everyday for the past 5 years. This is a subjective matter that require long consideration before taking the plunge. In fact, this topic was brought up by my makeup artiste, when I realised that the bridal dress was revealing my cleavage. I felt uncomfortable after wearing it during the fitting. I told my then fiancé that this is my first and the last wearing the wedding dress, I want to look perfect. Regret with guilty conscience clouded my mind. We had a small squabble on it that I just refused to see the bigger picture.

One of my concern is adjusting and adapting to the whole new wardrobe change. I have been donning hijab for religious events, but I have yet to be fully accept it as part of me. I do not intend to wear one with the influence of hijab fashion trends without knowing the difference between wrapping or covering without revealing too much.

For the past 6 months, I worked my way to the right path in amending myself in Adab and Akhlaq (moral values) as a start to be closer to Him. Things started to fall into place with his guidance. I asked my best friend on her journey towards hijab. She gave me a simple answer.

“Once you granted the guidance, accept it with open heart and He will lead you to the right path. Not everyone is lucky to receive it, so cherish it when you do.”



2 thoughts on “Don or Don’t Hijab

  1. Take your time. Some people even in hijabs do make mistakes. Everyone is learning at their own paths. Ill pray that youll be granted the patience and the strength! And i bet you look darn good in hijab 😏


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