Getting Hitched: Glutinous Yellow Rice Cake


My initial thought on not to have a wedding cake since I would be cutting it on my fiancé side. But my mother disagree as everyone have their’s. Besides, it would be empty without any cake on the wedding table.

So I opt for an alternative, the traditional Malay alternative glutinous yellow rice cake that is paired with the caramelised spice beef (Pulut Kuning with Rendang). It does not sound appetising but it tasted heavenly. It is quite tedious to cook, so an expert hands know the trick to prevent the rice from turning bad. According to MelJs GenrePulut Kuning is traditionally served during special occasions and ceremonial events. It is made from glutinous rice, coloured with turmeric that is steamed with coconut milk and Pandan leaves. It is served well with Rendang or black pepper meat sauce if preferred.

The last time that I could recall was my parents made for me during my Quran recitation. They took the effort in sloughing through the night in cooking the rice. And the it tasted delicious yet so filling at the same time.


One thought on “Getting Hitched: Glutinous Yellow Rice Cake

  1. I loveeeeee pulot kuning. N ya it’ll b cost saving to hv a tier. But a fancy looking with the prawns sticking on top of it. *imagining it now OMG!!!*

    OR u can jus get a normal flavoured well decorated cake from Polar. As long it looks presentable on pictures. < $100 can get. ☺


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