Getting Hitched: 6 Weeks Maintenance


We view facials as more of a treat like birthday or holiday. Basically, there are a few facial services in the market. The different types of facial are for maintenance, pampering or repair and recover  like anti ageing or acne. The usual suspect of facials are mainly double cleanse, steam, extraction (blackhead/whitehead), mask to sooth the skin after extraction, massage (face/shoulder/head) and a machine to kill the bacteria on your skin.

Ever since the wedding announcement, I somehow got into a panic mode on the amount high maintenance that I have to bear until the big day. I happened to have a friend of mine who is a qualified beautician who does facial at a good price. Did I mention that her massage was heavenly that the following day, I overslept to work? The downside is that I have to travel to her place. It’s fine. I’d score a good girls night out and a pampering facial. She is fully equipped with products and machines with a clean comfortable environment for the session. You may engage her on her Facebook page, The Face Canvas Spa.

I manage to get a little advice from her:

  • Weekly exfoliation is needed to clear dead skin cells so that your skincare products are able to sink in better.
  • Avoid touching your face if you must.
  • Sleep before 11 pm as your skin needs time to repair and recover.
  • Finally, avoid extraction on the last session before your big day.

Before you take the plunge and made appointment, please read this post by Caroline Hiron, the skincare goddess who is quite blunt on her advise. I adore her. She is an honest professional who give the best cheat sheets you’ll ever learn on skincare.

It is fine if facial sessions are not within your budget, you can still DIY with a cleanse, exfoliate, mask and then facial massage or face yoga. If you are just as lazy as me, just double cleanse and apply my highly raved product, Liquid Gold to gently exfoliate, and head to bed early.


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