Getting Hitched: Henna Part I


Am I the last person to know about white henna? It looks so pretty on the hands. A heads up, it does not last long and it is not natural. So, it is all up to your personal choice. I’ll just stick to normal red henna then. Just don’t ever buy or use the controversial Black Henna.

While others seek professional vendors help, I am glad to have two friends who will apply henna for both my hands and feet. I feel that their contributions makes it personal and worth their effort. All I need is to source out handmade henna and what designs to choose from.

I found one vendor that I have been eyeing on their high selling handmade henna. I think it is worth mentioning Isabella Heaven Henna for their quality henna. I preferred the henna stains to be red in colour rather than orange, so I am that particular. Fauzellah sells her henna of minimum 5 cones for $20. She recommends to purchase a week before event and it is good to store frozen for 3 months.

Will order the henna cones from Isabella Heaven Henna while my nails I would be using the famous brand Rani Kone in the blue box. It’ll stain your nails red within an hour. This is the best of all the similar products that they produced. So it is best to apply at night.


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