Getting Hitched: Duit Salam


Duit Salam is an appreciation from the guest to thank the host(s) in a form of cash, after attending a typical Malay wedding or any special occasion. Usually, these money are meant for personal use for the host to compensate the extra cost during the wedding event. Unexpected situations do occur, on a bad day like insufficient napkins to additional charges by the vendors. Though, some people actually uses it to pay the vendors’ final deposit. Disclaimer, my claims could be wrong.

I am sure there are bitter comments like ‘your void deck wedding doesn’t cost much, so don’t expect anything from me‘, ‘wearing outfits inspired by celebrities but it is held near residential area, do not make the cut for the mere insincere lunch buffet that you offered‘ to rebutted my claims.

Also, I had heard rumours that some newly weds received folded newspaper to some random leaves in the money envelope. These individuals ought to be ashamed of their acts. To the extend of doing so is just plain rude and immature. I am sure the couples deserve better treatment than that. If you do not wish to attend, it is fine. No harm will be against you.

As a future bride,  I do not intend to take the Duit Salam from my parents after the event ends. I have been paying most the wedding expense but I do not expect any compensation to finance my wedding budget. I did my wedding plans with sincerity and some of it are DIY by me. In fact, I am glad that I am able to feed my guests with best that I could afford. Smiles and prayers are all I seek in my wedding. Isn’t it a joyous occasion in the first place?

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4 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Duit Salam

  1. About getting folded newspaper, I agree so much with you. My family received this “duit salam” twice from that particular person. Hanya Allah saja yang tahu, like what my dad said “Biarkan dia nnti Allah balas in cash”.


    1. Oh.. I think these kind of guests want the door gift (berkat) but unable to give duit salam. So, they give alternative duit salam which is irrelevant. As a host, we should give to all guests regardless of duit salam or not because we don’t know their current plight. Halal from my side.


      1. Yes correct! Like what my parents said, if you tk mampu nk kasi lebih, cukup mana yg mampu,janji ikhlas and yg penting,doakn yg baik2. Even if they don’t give duit salam pun we,as the host still kasi jugak bcos one thing for sure we are honour that they willing to come down to join this joyous occasion.

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