Getting Hitched: One Final Lap


This is the month where all hell break loose. Even my drafted posts went haywire. It is the final lap until my big day. I cannot afford to procrastinate any more. I choose this month of recuperate and focus on my exams. All miscellaneous things have been taken over by my fiancé and family members.

All final deposits have been enveloped and kept in a safe place. Below are the things that I have prepared and finalised months ahead.

  • Wedding decorations – finalised design, see previous post
  • Wedding favours – Packed in gift bags
  • Solemnisation door gift – See previous post.
  • Bridal Room – Bed, Bed linens, Pillows, Mirror, Vanity table
  • Entertainment – Track List
  • Catering
  • Invitations
  • Honeymoon – Cant be bothered with the whole seating arrangement shenanigans.
  • Event Itinerary
  • Henna – shared design with my friends, they’re my henna artistes.
  • Photo booth – finalised design
  • Bridal Bouquet – finalised

I am left with:

  • Gift trays – finalising the design
  • Bridal – Final fitting
  • Hair – wash and cut like Bella Hadid‘s Parisian Lob!
  • Sugaring session
  • Honeymoon – pack my luggage
  • Beauty & Skincare
  • Bridal Room – decorations

Meanwhile, I have personal grudge against the Haze for decreasing my jogging session. Really, what’s up with that? So I proceed with kettle bell and yoga in my room. Reduce carbohydrate, refine sugar and dairy (drinking milk gave me acne), though I never say no to dark chocolate. I rather tone my body than losing weight. I cant’t be bothered to conform to body issues ‘lose weight because you’re getting married‘ shenanigans. I prefer to portion my food than starving. I am going to marry my man, not the vendors (maybe I’ll write a post on this worrying trend).


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