Getting Hitched: Itinerary


Ever since meeting with the bridal services for my outfits, my appointed makeup artiste gave me the general schedule for solemnisation and reception. It seems that it is essential for vendors to plan.

Itinerary for solemnisation and reception have been drawn out. Nonetheless, there are shuffling needed here and there but the gist of it are confirmed. I personally drafted out itinerary using Google Document and shared among my vendors (Make Up Artist, photographer, Baker, ) and fiancé. Though I omitted out some areas like balance payment from the vendors since the idea is to share how the event will be planned out. Therefore, I made 2 version of itinerary.

Every wedding event is different and personal, so it is best to draft your own especially if you plan to have a separate venue (bertandang). Do consider areas such as:

  • Travelling time (ETA) between bride and groom’s event distance
  • Where and when will performance going to perform?
  • Will the cake icing melt if I cut it on the later time. Example: Pavlova need to be served within 2 hours.
  • When will the Bus Driver need to report?
  • How long is the photo taking session?
  • Is 10 minutes enough for a our lunch?

I have not engaged a wedding planner or even bridesmaids so I am not sure how am I going to manage on that day. I will see how I will manage it. As per most previous Brides advise, I really need a reliable person to manage the event. Good question, who?


8 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Itinerary

  1. Whatever you mentioned as ‘areas of concern’ are exactly my thoughts (except for the pavlova)! I’ve no bridesmaids as well. InshaaAllah, everything will turn out fine. What’s important is that you’re happy and stress-free on your big day. All the best, Aimi!


    1. Insya Allah, some one from your side will help out in the handling the event cue ‘pengatin da sampai’ or ‘buka kan pintu kat rumah, pengatin nak salin/solat’. All the best for your side as well dear.

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  2. For my wedding, we trusted the most experienced member of the entourage. In our case, the best man had been best man about 2-3 times before so he was a good person to rely on. Ask your parents/married friends and relatives also because they’d be more familiar with the aturcara of a majlis. Present your entourage with your itinerary at least a few days before your wedding. Make sure everyone has a copy.

    Your itinerary looks a bit off because of the 3 hour gap between 2-5pm… that’s a big waste to me because it means that the pelamin would be empty more often than not. You’ll miss seeing the bulk majority of your guests and vice versa. But this is from your MUA so I’m not sure

    You should also set aside time for your newlywed’s meal together. Good luck babe 🙂


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