Getting Hitched: Stress or Trial Test

I did not realise how difficult it becomes on the final three months. Small evil thoughts starts appearing in my head that whenever I argued with my fiancé on wedding discussions. In full honesty, it is so overwhelming and stressful. I am starting to hate this wedding plans and just walk away. Can I just skip all of these and head to my well deserve honeymoon?

Is this stress or a trial to test of your patience as a future couple?

These mounting stress level that we went through was tough that different nightmares haunt us almost every week.I don’t want to go through every details. it is not pleasant to rant and pour our flaws to the world. But what I can conclude is that the route the Nikah is real rough. It involved sweat, tears, brainstorming for solutions and a huge amount of forgiveness. So don’t give in to these petty thoughts. You choose your future husband for good reasons.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Stress or Trial Test

  1. I think every BTB have such thoughts. It is just what u do with it that matters. I think if it gets too much, do talk to someone babe. THat works for me. Having someone reasoned it out for me.. Jiayoh kay! May He ease our affairs 🙂

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