Luxola X Sephora

Am I the one last person to know that Sephora sell their products at Luxola? They have definitely raise the bar in selling high end cosmetics and skincare products in their website. I am so glad they make the move, it is so accessible to purchase without heading down to the stores. On the contrary, I am not sure if these collaboration with some brands are temporary move. **Silently wish they start selling Charlotte Tilbury or NARS cosmetics or Jack Black for the men (it stopped selling in Sephora).

So far, I have seen Sephora Collection, Benefit Cosmetics and Urban Decay and Make Up Forever! Now I can purchase the all time favourite Cream Lip Stain from Sephora, without much grumbling. However, do take note that for Sephora members are not able to collect their points when purchasing online. Also, promo codes does not apply to the high end products. See FAQ.

I am currently wish list-ing these new arrivals items.

Luxola Wishlist

*Disclaimer: This is not sponsored post. I do not affiliated with Luxola or any other brands.


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