Getting Hitched: Blob of Sugar Part II


This is the continuation of my sugaring session with Sugared. By the way, Sugared have been moved to another location in Clementi which require 10 minutes of walking from the nearby train station. Alternatively, there is a feeder bus from the interchange.

I admit, there was at least 6 ingrown hairs three days after my virgin session. Ouch! The reason was because I shaved 3 weeks before my first Brazilian. Jasmine mentioned that it is normal for first timers. A regular maintenance of sugaring should prevent ingrown hairs from occurring since it remove the hair from the roots. So, put the shaver down. After the second week of sugaring, I am able to see the fine hairs starts to emerged.

For my second session with Jasmine, I opt for Brazilian maintenance and underarms. With finer hair, the pain rate have improved slightly. My pain rate is a 5/10.

What is a ingrown hair?

Various hair removal methods would sometimes bites back with ingrown hair. It appear to look like a pimple, but it is actually curled hair that refuse to grow out from the hair follicle. Sometimes, it also comes with a bacterial infection with pus on it. That is why you should scrub regularly especially before removing your hairs and change the razor blade regularly, if you prefer shaving.

Treatment and prevention

I assume most ladies uses intimate feminine wash everyday. So, let’s not go into details on that. But, say you did encounter the pesky ingrown hair, what should you do? Treat it with Salicylic Acid topical product, that can be found on pharmacy, acne shelves. Do not (for goodness sake!), pull/tuck/pick the ingrown hair out. Else, the infection will worsen. Read this.

At Sugared, Jasmine do sell her recommended product, I Love My Skin kit which consist of a Persept Skin Cleanser, Essential Tonic and Restore Hydrating Lotion. Do enquire her for more info.

I did not purchase it because I am currently using Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads bought from Sephora previously. It contains both Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid that helps in ingrown hair and lighten the shaven area. Since it comes in 50 wipes, it is hygienic and great for travelling. I saw an article on Pop Sugar on how to lighten shaven area hence explained why I bought it.

Nevertheless you can purchase at Malin + Goetz’s Strip Ingrown Hair Cream at Sephora or Luxola at a slightly cheaper cost (use promo code where possible). Alternatively, just apply a acne treatment spot on the affected area.

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