Getting Hitched: Registration Part II


After registration of the solemnisation, the wali and the future married couple are required to attend an interview with the officials. The purpose of the interview is to verify the official documents and Statutory Declaration. In other words, they want to validate whether both parties are wiling to proceed with the marriage willingly.

Official questioning begin with the father of the bride and proceed with the couple (mine was my fiancé and then myself). Mean while, my interviewer Ustaz Pasuni Bin Maulan questioned us on “are you single“, “have you been engaged before?“, “did you attend any religious class, currently“, “have you been religiously praying 5 times as day?“.  After the interview, both bride and groom are required to recite and seal their oath. It was quite a brief interview and whole process took approximately the 15 minutes including waiting time.

Trivia: Ustaz Pasuni Bin Maulan was my parents’ solemniser. How coincidence was that?

Additional Tips:

  1. Take leave since the interview is held only on weekdays.
  2. Be sure to arrive early to avoid longer waiting time (especially on Monday and Friday).
  3. Hijab is not compulsory for the ladies. Wear conservatively is recommended.
  4. Payment to Kadis ($100, depending on the venue held) will be on your solemnisation day.
  5. Additional $15 if you wish to change your application (example: location or witness).
  6. Memorising the surah(s) from the holy book of Quran is just a myth. Basic knowledge in Islam is recommended though.

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