Getting Hitched: Bridal Room Part II


OK. Time to crack my brain on shopping the miscellaneous decorations for my bridal room. I have gathered some items below that are currently in my wish list to be purchase online. I need opinions on whether buying them are worth my money, since I don’t feel like returning or exchange it.

Waterfall ruffles duvet from Urban Outfitters

That waterfall ruffle duvet have been on my wish list in Urban Outfitters for quite sometime. I am not too sure if it goes well with Neutral French inspired theme for my bridal room. Cost US$199. Way over my budget for a duvet, but it is so pretty. Still considering on this. Another question, who will be ironing every ruffles? Not me.


Glass Doll Dome with Walnut Base by Plymor sold in Amazon

Also, I was thinking to buying a glass dome bell jar from Amazon, cost US$17.88 (depend on size). Add 2 copper fairy lights that can be found on Typo (S$24.95 for 3 metres), and place it on both bedside tables. Like fireflies. Love.

Instagram worthy.

Better yet on wedding day, replace fairy lights with flowers or bridal bouquet for more elegant setting.

Hennes Mirror from IKEA

Admit it. Everyone will visit IKEA for furniture or their incredible decoration inspirations. I choose this mirror for my vanity table that can be mount horizontally. Cost S$99.

Inspired by Pinterest

Flowers can be easily achieve at the florist or any artificial flower shops. I would buy in combination of fresh flowers such as Baby Breathe (because they come in bunch that are cheap), or make your own pom pom flowers and lanterns (items can be found on Typo or ArtFriend). Cost S$12 in a bunch, at any local florists.

15-9-2015 3-47-37 PM
This Works candle can be found on Luxola

Candle. I am planing to burn a candle to give a calm and soothing atmosphere behind all those hectic wedding day. I have couple of options, Bath and Body WorksYankee Candles, This Works or Glasshouse Fragrances. The scent should not gives an offensive overpowering/sweet/exotic yet artificial scent. It might be turn off. Keep to safe fragrance such as lavender, vanilla or chamomile.

Mr and Mrs
Wooden sign by Typo

This is unnecessary. Just saying. I saw this at Typo that cost S$17.99. This can be place at the… ok I’ve no idea where. It just looks pretty. May be at my vanity table, as a stand alone poster.


Finally, curtains. I’ll just recycle mine, I think. Ok. Well, I am no expert. So what do you think?

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