Getting Hitched: Solemnisation Door Gift Part I


Bunga rampai is a mixture of a fresh flower potpourri that have been finely sliced, plucked and added essential oils. The main item is the Pandan leaves (Screwpine leaves) with assortment of flower petals (Jasmine, Rose, chrysanthemum), rose-water or jasmine oil. Sometimes, others added the zest of kaffir lime. Anything with a floral scent can be used as long as it is natural. Bunga Rampai is usually given to guests during a malay events such as: solemnisation, engagement and etc.

Making the Bunga Rampai is actually a tedious job, since the Pandan leaves need to be finely sliced. Therefore, I leave it to the professional to make it. I will order the potpourri from Siti Flower Power located at Geylang Serai Wet Market.

I was happily browsing through pinterest to find a unique container to add in the potpourri. The basic ones are wrapped into a small tulle drawstring bag or Burlap fabric, to using a dessert square cup or just wrap it in a dolly paper. The possibilities are endless. So creative!

Basic Bunga Rampai wrapped in a Tulle drawstring bag
Basic Bunga Rampai wrapped in a Tulle or drawstring bag
Bunga Rampai in a dessert cup
Bunga Rampai wrapped in a dolly paper
Bunga Rampai wrapped in a dolly paper

Items needed to prepare for the door gift:

  • Container
  • Dolly Paper – can be found at bakery stores such at Phoon Huat
  • Decorative flower (baby breathe) – can be purchased from any local florist store
  • Burlap fabric – craft stores, Artfriend or Spotlight
  • Twine – cost $3-$5 at Artfriend or any craft stores like Spotlight
  • Tag – Can be DIY with craft paper and customised stamp

I was walking aimlessly in the local crafts store, Artfriend to find inspiration when I stumbled to find a mini test tube . Cost $0.59 each (I think). So I was thinking to use it, inspired by Syuhaidah from But the idea was rejected by my fiancé, “Don’t you think it looks wrong, giving test tubes attached with a cork? You know..mystical beings”. Urgh! Haters gotta hate. Fine, to play safe I shall look for alternative. Pinterest-ing it shall be.


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