Honeymoon: Downgraded


I thought I could close this chapter on honeymoon planing. But the unexpected came knocking in a form of phone call from my travel agency. Apparently, Singapore Airlines decided to downgrade my departure flight to their sister company, SilkAir. They explained that SilkAir will be replacing them for weekday morning flights.

SilkAir is relatively good in their service, that is acceptable. But the fact that they change my seating arrangement and separate the future newly wed couple from a window seat to the aisle that separate us? A honeymoon cake will be given as a complimentary when on board. And this makes the whole situation an eye-roll. Come on, you have separated us, and you think try to compensate with a cake on our honeymoon?

Does the whole flight ticket cost the cheaper than the former? No. It is the same price. How wonderful.

Is there another flight going to the destination? Yes, but it’ll be from Singapore to stopover at Sri Lanka (Colombo) then our destination, which add up to 15 hours journey.

I’m sure you can change your seats, right? I’ll highly doubt so. It’s almost fully booked.

Nevertheless, my return will remain as Singapore Airlines. Just bitter with the fact of not so-romantic departure to honeymoon, cuddling with the strangers next to me for 5 hours. I have sent my rant to the airlines. I’ll doubt they would entertain me. Whatever, I’ll kick a fuss on the plane.

Look, how romantic are our seating arrangements. Lovers torn apart. I’m sure we can hold hands in the middle of the bloody aisle.


10 thoughts on “Honeymoon: Downgraded

  1. Hi babe, my sister is a former SQ crew and she told me can change seats during pre-check in which is 48hrs before departure. No harm trying! Am gonna try it myself when it’s my turn too 🙂


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