Getting Hitched: Bridal Bouquet Part I


I am currently looking for bridal bouquets ideas for mine. Searched bridal bouquet on Pinterest, they will direct your to all bouquets you can imagine. I enquired most vendors on their availability for my day (3 months ahead). Sadly, they are fully booked. Another DIY project for me then.

Anyway, I have a good friend of mine who happens to work at the flower/plant industry. So I’ll be coming down to his work place to view all those flowers and make my order.

I have selected the main flower for my bouquet, Hydrangea! Actually it was Peonies but I reckon it will be in season in November. I have artificial hydrangea flowers for my Wedding Gift Tray decorations. See the hint there. Reason why I chose Hydrangea, it comes in a bunch so it saves cost, and it comes in assorted pastel colours. Big thumbs up!

No worries. Of course I will update more on my adventure to the florist/garden store.


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