Getting Hitched: A Blob of Sugar


Sugaring is an ideal epilation hair removal method as compared to others, originated from the Middle East. It is safe since it uses natural products, yet anti-bacterial. Since the sugar is lubricating around the hair follicles, it can also exfoliate the dead skin cells, revealing a smooth clear skin. Unlike waxing, Sugaring require a sticky concoction paste. Typically made from sugar, lemon juice and water. Dusting powder is applied and the blob of sugar is mould to the area. Hair will then be pull in the same direction of hair growth.

Since my ideal honeymoon would be the beach, I figured doing something for my under arms would suffice. I would not want to bring a shaver and busy keeping the hair at bay in the shower. One less embarrassing moment to avoid from the husband for the mean time.

 “Why don’t you try brazilian since you are getting married?

Yes, I took the plunge to go ahead on Brazilian, instead of underarms first. I feel like a new-born while typing this post. I made an appointment with Jasmine from Sugared – Body Sugaring Singapore. Dubbed as a certified sugaring professional in Singapore, my virgin experience should be with the skilled beautician who have been practising for years. Sugared have been featured in the local Suria channel, Cantik Detektif (Beauty Detective). View it here, (fast forward to 16:59).



Let’s talk about the service. I have no complaint. Communicating with Jasmine via Whatsapp to book my appointment, was a breeze. She advised me to stop shaving as sugaring require at least a hair ‘grain’ length to be removed. Also, be sure to arrive punctual.

On the day of the session, I was brought to a cold room that prevents the sugar from melting. While she patiently sugared, she explain to me that how the golden colour sugar is slowly turned to white, indicating that the sugar not only removing the hair, it does exfoliation at the same time. To my horror, she showed me the hairs that have been removed from the roots. Very unsightly. I guess I would not want to shave anymore.

Since this is my first time, Jasmine applied a complimentary cooling mud mask to the sugared area, after the session ended. She advised me on the importance of exfoliation at least once a week to keep the oil and dirt from clogging the pores. It is also preventing ingrown hairs from forming.

Pain Factor

  • Does it hurt? Yes, it is more like a ‘shock’ kind of experience when the beautician pull it. It lasted for 2-3 seconds. Keep on breathing and brace yourself while she do her job.
  • Which area does it hurt the most? The centre area. I almost died.
  • How long is the whole session? Approximately 30 mins, she is quite fast.
  • How does it compared to wax? Sugaring is better in terms of pain factor and benefits. I would recommend to take Ibuprofen, Paracetamol (Panadol) or muscle relaxant an hour before the session. Though, I didn’t take it for the sake of this post. Pain rating, 7.5/10. Beauty is a pain, ladies.
  • Will I return? Most definitely will continue my session for Brazilian and underarms.

Now, go ahead and make an appointment with Sugared

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