Getting Hitched: Vendor Dilema Part II


In the continuation of my vendor dilemma, I already suspected it long time ago, but I gave him a chance to redeem himself. See my previous post here.

As I was expected, my vendor went missing officially. Like for real this time. I lost a small sum of deposit due to his negligence and lack of professionalism. My fiancé who liaised with him, tried calling, messaging and e-mailing him. We refuse to bombard his Facebook page because it is childish to cyberbully. I will make a police report against him, and his aspiring ‘Photo Booth’ business of his. If he ever tried to contact us with the same excuse of (“I lost my phone, and had to change the SIM card”), I will not entertain him anymore. What upsets me, is that the main client is actually my mother who is willing to pay for me but I chose not to alert her until I found a replacement.

“It’s ok. Take my money, my deposit is still considered permissible (halal) even though you went missing and lack of responsibility. May Allah provide you a better Hidayah, Mr Photo Booth. Insya Allah, Allah Azzawajal will provide me with better Barakah. Amin.”

I am looking for a Photo Booth vendor who are willing to take last minute request at an affordable rate. Please can anyone recommend me?

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6 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Vendor Dilema Part II

  1. Salam aimi sorry to hear that mayb u can try one2threesnap studio? They have affordable their rates r in the website 😸


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