Getting Hitched: The Invites Part III

Wedding Invites

During the recent weekend, my fiancé and I head down to our vendor, Kad Lawo to finalised our card design. By the way, we booked our card vendor 6 months ahead thinking that we can slowly increase our savings.

I admit, there was a minor hiccup. Miscommunication appeared when we returned for our second visit to make partial payment to the vendor and finalised our chosen design. But the lady insisted that we don’t require to do so until we picked up our cards after printing. Reluctantly, we left without making any payment except for finalising our cards. We waited 2 weeks for them to email us, until I had to call. We can’t wait any longer as we require to distribute the invites 1.5 months ahead our wedding. Apparently, the lady who attended us quit thus, explained the absence of response.

The staffs are patience with us to rectified the problem and quickly emailed us our drafted design. However, the design was not up to our expectations. We returned to the store and walk through with the designer to amend on some of the issues. So far our vendor does not disappoint when comes to their service, they are flexible in delivering it.

Tips according to my experience:

First visit:

  1. Head to their store at least 3 months ahead
  2. Choose package to save money
  3. Pay a small sum of deposit or
  4. Made 50% of the total cost once you finalise the design/style

*Draft design will not be email until you made that 50% or full payment (important!)

Second visit:

  1. Return to store to discuss on the cards amendment (important), so you can visualise it better
  2. Final design will be email again
  3. Pay the rest of the costs, so that you won’t have to when you receive your printed cards
  4. Approval of final design can be made through email too
  5. Printing require 30 days

Final visit:

  1. Return to receive your cards
  2. Bring luggage if you’re taking public transport

In total, you are required to return to the store at least twice or thrice depending if you paid the 50% early. Plan wisely to save time.



Hashtag is a useful tool to categories topics that are mentioned on social media platforms. I was searching through online to grab ideas for my wedding hashtag. And I found #faiz&aimi. Coincidentally, I found a couple with the similar name as ours! Yes. Apparently, we got married last 20 July in Kelantan. Haha. I guess we are no longer unique. Congratulations to the couple anyway.

So, I found a good website to generate unique hashtag for my wedding and register it. Twubs and are the two companies that minimise the likelihood of other people or organisation from using your hashtags . Even though, they do not guarantee that your tags are not being snubs by others.


  1. Create a unique hashtag or use a hashtag generator like Wedding Hashtag Wall.
  2. Google the desired hashtag
  3. If you are unable to find result from your hashtag, I guess you can continue to can use it
  4. Else, crack your creative brain and created another

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