Getting Hitched: Regret or Insecure


When the days fall into two digits, the days just keep passing by. Congratulations you have made this far. All vendors are set, deposits made. Out of no where, a small uneasiness in yourself starts to nag, pointed out every details that could ruin the choices you had made. Paranoia emerged. Turmoil clouded the mind.

Scrolling through Instagram of your vendors, and realise they have come out with better collections of bridal gowns. Wishing you follow your gut feeling on the design of the invites. Wondering if you could add some extra cash in the decorations so you could have the wedding of your dreams. Watching other wedding videos and questioning why didn’t you hire a videographer. How will you manage without bridesmaids during the wedding. Are you making the right decisions in the first place?

That is me, right now. Regretting all the choices I have made. I mentally listed down all those little details affecting my emotions. Wishing I could wrap myself in a blanket and cry to bed as the list grew longer. Once in awhile, it is fine. But when smiles turn to frown, I know I have to do something about it. It is in working progress but overcome it is the first step to a healthy mind.

How I overcome it and you can too.

  1. Abstine from social media for awhile. Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are my current foe.
  2. Smile to your self.
  3. Avoid wedding talks.
  4. Talk out my insecurities and gain moral support.
  5. Exercise. These negative emotions are temporary.
  6. Ryan Gosling marathons.
  7. If all does not make the cut, hug it out. A warm hug from Mr Fiance who tells you that life sucks sometimes.

In the end, is how content you will be since marrying your favourite person has always been the main plan.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Regret or Insecure

  1. i have the same feelings too! all that I wanted to say you’ve put nicely in words.. overall stay positive ok! n yes avoid wedding tired of talkin about wedding already haha may your journey be smooth.. ;))


  2. Felt that too Aimi! Wanted to just roll on my mattress underneath the blanket and wake up the day after the wedding. Lol!!

    Once, it came to a point where I just want to clear my mind that when someone brought up wedding topics, I just felt like screaming SHUT UPPPPPPP.

    Sometimes we just need a break. From talking and planning the wedding.

    Anw, I enjoy reading your posts. Love how you would include tips/suggestions sometimes. Keep it up babe!

    Liked by 1 person

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