Getting Hitched: Registration Part I


I am nervous. I mean there is no turning back after this. This is the real deal. We are getting married in less than 150 days!

I would prepare to gather the important details days ahead so I would not be panicking during registration. You can apply online or visit ROMM itself. The former is much more convenience. Also, I enter all the details to a notepad and copy paste it, so I would not make any mistakes during the process. Together, I have sum up useful tips from a fellow BTBs – Kefreen Hyda, Masita and also mine, on how to register your solemnisation with ease.

Days prior registration:

  1. Launch Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) website on Internet Explorer
  2. Verify on the site for the exact date to register within the 150 days
  3. Gather all details and documents required and save it to a notepad
    • Date, time and location of Solemnisation (Nikah)
    • Bride + Groom personal details (Name, Address, NRIC, Occupation, Income)
    • Wali’s personal details  (Name & NRIC)
    • 2 male witnesses personal details  (Name & NRIC)
    • Hantaran amount (Marriage expense)
    • Mas Kawin (Mahr)
    • Marriage Preparation Course
  4. Narrow down top three chosen Kadi/Naib Kadi(s)
  5. $39 of registration fee for local
  6. Set alarm a day before the registration date (150 days)
  7. Set a bookmark of the ROMM website to the IE browser

Registration Day:

  1. Launch ROMM website on IE (Internet Explorer)
  2. Copy paste the details gathered & select where necessary
  3. Verify all details before submitting
  4. Pay $39 of fees using eNETS (Mastercard or Visa)

Congratulations! Now you can breathe at least until 5 weeks before your solemnisation day for the ROMM interview.

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12 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Registration Part I

  1. Hi dear, if I decided to take my marriage preparation course after the registration, is that okay? Can you share with me what are the details to be placed in for the marriage prep course? Are they just information of where u have completed and when?

    Thanks 🙂 Nue


    1. According my knowledge, yes. You can apply even though you have not attend the course yet. It is just one yes/no question for selection, for the registration. Don’t worry k! At least before the Nikah, you have to complete it dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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