Getting Hitched: The Invites Part II

Wedding Invite List

*Disclaimer: I had to update this post since it is incomplete and I am busy catching up with the #TeamBTBKecoh.

Ever since the booking of invitation card have been made months ahead, I still have yet to confirm the design until it reached three months prior my wedding day. I am still stalking my vendor’s Instagram to help in my decision making. I will post more on the final card design after I made my confirmation.

Who are in your invited list? The typical amount of guests for Malay wedding around 500 people. It is considered a huge amount to be located all in one venue. But how do we handle these huge crowd? Guests arrive and leave after eaten their lunch buffet and mingling with other guests and the hosts. The main attraction of the wedding is being invited by the hosts (parents of the newly weds). For example, even if you are holding your own event, if you have to consider that you are inviting two families together plus your friends. Why two? Your maternal and paternal families. Imagine you combine your reception with your fiancé. It means four families being combine to one location. Chaotic and confusion for the guest to distinguish which one are the hosts, catering food require some back up to in case the supply ran out. This is why my parents insist on holding separately, less stress for them.

Since the parents would invite the whole village, we as the bride and groom are left with a small list to invite our friends and colleagues. One thing for sure, I would not invite any of exs to my wedding. They are ex for a reason. So, they are placed on the nope-zone. Also, acquaintances. Honestly, when I have a hard time to invite my childhood friends unless we still keep in touch. Also, I rather send them wedding invitation cards to them than private message on social media. Doesn’t seems sincere in my opinion. Card is useful to bring and navigate to the location. I still keep my friend’s wedding cards, so I would remember to insert their spouses’ name as well.

This is the easiest part of all wedding planning. Informing your guests on your Big Day.

  1. List the names on spreadsheet
  2. Find them on social media (facebook)
  3. Call to request their residential address
  4. Request on what should you address them on the cards
  5. Provide details on your wedding (dress code, location) if require
  6. Update them on the RSVP if required

Below is a flowchart Wedding Guest list to help on inviting your guests. Also, a spreadsheet of list that be easily achieved on Google Sheet or Ms Excel.

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Wedding List



5 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: The Invites Part II

  1. Hey 3mths away too? Hi 5! same like you now thinking what designs i wanted bluergh terlalu many nice designs haha kero mata nk pilih. Anyways gd luck all the best for your smooth prep insha allah.👍😘


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