Getting Hitched: Bridal Services Part II

Yeay! Field trip to Peti Solek Bridal for fitting. This is the much awaited moment of all the wedding preparations that I have planned. I am really nervous that I may not fit into any of the outfits. I am insecure of my pear shape body, every thing looks fine on the top until it reaches at the hips. #curvygirlproblem. So what did we brought during the first fitting?

When they presented us on the outfits that I can choose from the Dahlia collection, I am astounded. Behold, in front of me displayed all those gorgeous outfits. This is a girl’s dream come true! I appointed my fiancé to select our outfits. I put my trust on him since he is more experience on traditional outfits than me. According to one of the BTBs, take a selfie during the fitting in case your need to refer back to the outfit selected for wedding preparation plans. I regretted by not taking mine.

The whole experience in full honestly, is surreal. They provided outfits for different body shapes and height. So, some outfits may not fit you or your fiancé. Therefore, the amount of outfits are limited. What I can advise for the future couples of Peti Solek, keep an open mind and choose according to your preference. Insya Allah, you will find outfits based on your selections. Peti Solek team is a jovial team that you will be comfortable to work with.

What colour, what outfit? Well, let the mystery remain until the wedding itself.


3 thoughts on “Getting Hitched: Bridal Services Part II

  1. Hi dear! I saw tht u r taking PTSBR! Can I just ask you if they allowed yr groom to wear his traditional chapal? Or did he have to change to dress shoes? Hehe. Thank you babe!


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