Getting Hitched: Lingerie


Think you got everything covered for your wedding, think again. Lingerie is as important as every details. I am talking about those undergarments and shapewear not your ‘Mrs Wedding Night’. We are aiming for comfort lingerie during the wedding day, to prevent unnecessary chafing or fashion mistakes. Basically, if you feel good in your undergarments naturally you will be confident. One less problem to think about during the wedding day.

I am not sure on what outfits other Bride To Be (BTB) will be wearing for their day, but investing in a good multiway bra to support your muffins without the cone-shape separation is important. I have issues with underwire strapless bra that suspend your lovelies but pretending to support. So when you jump, she just goes everywhere and the bra can’t keep up. I got mine from the local Marks and Spencer outlet. Alternatively, you can look at other lingerie stores but make sure you try it on, do some jump and jiggle tests to see if it slide off.

Keep your favourite lace undies for your wedding night and trust in seamless briefs. What it does is to avoid Visible Panty Line (VPL), when you don your outfit without giving the guests any doubts on the outline on your bottoms. It can be found on Uniqlo or just any lingerie department. Just buy one size smaller since lycra undies do lose the elasticity after a few washes, or so it seems when it did to my Uniqlo’s.

Shapewear or Girdle. The difference are girdle is like a belt/corset to streamline your tummy. Performers use it all the time to hold their bottom costumes. Meanwhile for shapewear, consist of different variations targeting to streamline your flaws like muffin tops, uneven cellulite of your thighs to enhancing your bottoms. I personally choose shapewear as it can smooth my flaws even though it is the toughest to wear. It is a lot of work, that took me 5 minutes to nip and tuck nicely. There are different shape wears in the market. I bought SPANX that can be also found at Tangs. Try Uniqlo or H&M for more affordable range.

So there will be outfits change, and you are require to dress in a room that could be uncomfortable. While at the same time, you need a visit the loo during the outfit change. A kimono robe is decent enough to cover up all your under amour. Browse more at Cotton On or H&M.

Finally, all purpose healing balm like Vaseline or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. The unnecessary but useful product to apply to corners of your inner thighs, underneath your boobs or your feets to prevent chafing. What it does is preventing friction from rubbing hard on your skin and you got all those covered with the handy balm. One happy bride, check!

Good luck.


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